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i won't be posting soon.

over this long weekend, we're going to pack and unpack because we're moving into our new home. so i guess, i won't be seeing you for a few days. wish us luck!

it's all coming together now.

two more days to move into our new house. so it's only natural that all of the curtains i ordered have been installed by now. am sorry to have forgotten to take pictures of two other rooms, tomorrow i promise! since am low on budget, i chose the plain cotton ones and mix-matched them (some with my mother's handed down fabrics). i really love the outcome - eventhough it means our incomes had to go all out. literally. but you know, no pain no gain, right?

february bazaar.

hello there! dreamesh living products are available in kaki lima bazaar at joglo kemang, jeruk purut, today and tommorow from 9 am to 6 pm.
come see me if you have the time :)

congratulations and celebrations.

and here are the winners list of my garage sale giveaway.
from the first post - yellow jacket: ninnin. kebaya encim: marjorie b. pale yellow top: dedek. purple dress: martina of su loves sew. bronze belt: dita of readhermind. ethnic belt: tara amelz. velvet flats: puri of ideku handmade. gladiators sandals: angki of coffeefloat.

from the second post - black and white batik: riesta emy of itokuch.

from the third post - handmade bag: miucraft.

from the fourth post: i knew i told you it was a set but to get (almost) everyone who enters get their own prize, i changed my mind. i also include some bonuses! giant faux pearls: tealovecoffee. star brooch (and flower brooch): ina of feathering a nest. charm bracelet (and batik scarf): dela of mindcube.

dear winners, yeay congrats! please leave your e-mail here or simply e-mail me. i will wait two days for you to claim the prize, otherwise am picking another winner. and for those of you who don't win, no worries i memorize your name. so next tim…

the last one.

i promise. am almost done with packing my stuff, so this accessory set is the last one to be given away. hurry, the closing hour is coming up soon.

the unforgettable achievement.

look what i found in my pile of old magazines. one of the unforgettable achievement ever!
my fortune cookies recipe was featured on CosmoGIRL! US back in 2005. anyway, it was a proud moment because the credit mentioned indonesia. hope this won't be my last one, though ;)

a friendly reminder.

the giveaway will end tonight at exactly 12:00 am, yet i have another addition to the list. this handmade bag made by my designer cousin, teeas rubismo. so good luck, i will announce the lucky winners tomorrow morning. see you real soon!

day and night.

last weekend we attended the husband's best friend's wedding. it was a whole day ceremony and this is how i went to both of the events.
just in case you were wondering, i used my washed batik collection (grey for the afternoon and creme for the night). the last one matched the husband's outfit and also his whole band's.
i know, they looked (and sounded) awfully good!

it's stitching time.

eventhough nowadays people don't really use handkerchiefs anymore, i still find them interesting. even more with some cute little details - lipstick mark, mustache, and wine ring. just like the ones from avril loreti. but i bet instead of prints, you can also stitch the mustaches too. these are the free patterns by jenny hart of sublime stitching, found via prudent baby. let's get crafty fellas!

bon week-end.

that's happy weekend in french. found this beautiful picture by alix of the cherry blossom girl (my fave song by AIR) blog, via september's bliss. can you believe that eiffel tower was the view through my bedroom window when i lived there? tsk. tsk. i didn't know how lucky i was. have a good one, everyone!

more goodies.

well, i received mine two days ago. lots of batik print fabrics ordered by you (thank you!), ninety pieces to be exact. woo hoo. that's the highest number so far! anyway, here are my favorites.
width and length of one piece batik print fabric is approximately 1,25 m and 2 m. if interested, you can order them through me (as usual, am just an e-mail away). and there's more (and this one could be yours)! as i was rummaging through my batik closet, i found a classic black & white batik print fabric made out of adding it to my garage sale giveaway list. you know how it works, leave a comment here and become a follower before february 23rd. i will ship anywhere in indonesia. good luck!

garage sale giveaway.

yep, you read that right. am having one since we're moving next week and i don't think i can fit all of my belongings into our small-ish house. oh well, some things have got to go anyway. so here's how it goes: pick one or two items that you like, leave a comment, and become a follower. as simple as that. from top to bottom: vintage handed down yellow jacket (size M), vintage kebaya encim bought at pasar beringharjo jogja - never been worn (size S), pale yellow top with dusty pink flowers made in india - worn once (size L), vintage purple knee length kimono dress bought at pasar senen (size M), bronze belt and green orange belt (all size), maroon velvet flats from zara (size 38), gladiator sandals from nine west - worn once (size 37). please note that they are not new but all in mint condition. i will ship anywhere in indonesia. the giveaway will be closed on february 23rd. oh i do hope they'd have a good home :)

comfort food.

i made this cottage pie over the weekend to accompany the husband's band's practice. it was super easy and the result was extra yummy, at least in my opinion.500 gr minced beef
1 chopped onion
2 diced carrots
2 tbsp plain flour
1 tbsp spaghetti sauce
1 cup beef stock
1 kg mashed potatoes, seasoned
½ stick of grated cheese
olive oil, butter, basil, feta cheese, sugar, soy sauce, salt, and black pepper

1. fry minced beef, onion, and carrots. season with salt, sugar, and pepper.
2. sprinkle the flour. add butter, feta cheese, and soy sauce.
3. blend in spaghetti sauce and stock. sprinkle the basil.
4. pour the beef mixture into an oven proof casserole. top with mashed potatoes and grated cheese. then, bake in 200° c oven for 20 minutes.

i want her kitchen.

this is how my dream kitchen would look like (and please, see the rest of nicolette camille's beautiful house here, via design*sponge). sink skirt? check. now, to get my giant dark brown kitchen cabinets transform into these sweet little nooks built-in...

all i want for valentine.

is these cute little shortbread buttons by nikole herriott, found via design is mine.served on these pink cake lace coasters (yep, rubber doilies!) by jansen & co, found via oh joy!
what can i say, am a girly girl who loves to play tea party. still.

our love story.

the husband and i don't usually celebrate february 14th. sorry i mean, i don't. he always got me some gifts saying that it's only coincidence he gave them on this particular day. uhm, yea right. well not this year, though. i knew he wasn't going to give me anything since love day is on a sunday (he always bought me flowers right after work on valentine). i thought, it's my turn now. and in return, he asked me out on a date. yippee, great chance to wear my shocking pink batik bolero bought at alun-alun indonesia. anyway, happy love day everyone :)

so i've decided.

yuara should live in a space like this. and i mean exactly like this. emily henson's son's room found via design*sponge.

lazy saturday.

we have a lot planned out for today. february 26th is coming soon and we should be moving in by then. but by noon, it was raining hard. so we decided to stay a little bit longer in bed. bye bye, plan!

weekend project.

because am such a busy (aka lazy) crafter, i ordered these yoyos made out of batik scraps from a good friend of mine, sheila. i plan to add the cute little details onto my collection.
but in the mean time, enjoy this simple project (also by her) to brighten up your day. have a happy weekend, you!

bags addiction.

i have some serious illness. and i blame design by vitarlenology for it. yep, it's totally tarlen handayani's fault to have these awesome handmade bags. uh-huh.
so i ordered a folder bag (to store my files and laptop) and it came yesterday (or was it the day before that? i really couldn't remember). and now, i want another one.

paying it forward.

remember the giveaway that karina palle and i threw? anyway, one of the winners, fiona leow of tablecalender, sent me back a thank you gift. isn't she just too sweet?
and the owl zip purse is not all. she's also passing on the kreativ blogger award to me, along with six others. yeay! okay so am gonna cheat, am skipping the part about seven interesting things about myself and jumping to the more interesting part: choosing seven other blogs that i want to give this award to. and they are... lia's space, sibebo, ideku handmade, design by vitarlenology, tara amelz, cocomomo, and our artful life - indonesian creative blogs. have a look :)

my baby.

is born today. let me introduce you to poun, the batik pouf with polystyrene beads filling (much like bean bag's). isn't he just adorable? awww.

the new collaboration.

am so excited to be collaborating with anas, my crafty friend who does these cross-stitches.
aren't they just lovely? and even better on my pillow. tee hee.

the 'it' swimsuit.

don't you just hate finding out that the swimsuit you love isn't wearable anymore? and when i did, i was extremely grateful that i met twentyforteen. they sell these lovely retro 60's swimsuits in reasonable price. i chose the one that looked really flattering on this model posing for Her World Indonesia magazine.well, this is as far as i can go for modelling the swimsuit. and of course, it doesn't look as good on me. but you know, i had to give it a try, no? speaking of swimsuit, i want this one too by ouma found via oh joy! now, if only that husband of mine gets the hint. yes, bali would be lovely, dear.

the grass is always greener.

on your own side of the fence. at least, in my opinion.
but i bet yuara would agree to that.

love is.

easy music.
good friends.
and of course, great polaroid pictures. even better if turned into scarf by philippe roucou for reborn, found via poppytalk. so lastly, cool fashion.