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love is what matters.

whether you celebrate valentine or not, i think it is never wrong to show your love to others - right? anyway, this year we were asked to make something for the teachers at yuara's school. instead of some regular love card, i thought it would be better if we make paper fortune cookies with love notes written by yuara (nothing long and fancy, only "I *heart* U - yuara" and "i made this" and i also wrote something like "yuara is lucky to have you" since they're fortune cookies... get it?)
i took step by step pictures to show you how easy this project was.

the parents were also asked to express our feelings to the kids. i found this ninjago valentine card via printables4mom and printed it pronto. i wanted to say something that he can relate to, so i wrote in the back "we love you more than you love ninjago" since the two of them can't be apart nowadays. yuara brought home some love arts too, but when i asked for whom they were the answe…

clicked, clicked, clicked.

yes, it was all about photography at workshop in a box #6. what we did: - french photo board - accordeon album - photo snow globe - decorated printable frame

illustrations were drawn by sibebo and printed by forget me not stationery (adorama), cupcakes with edible pictures were made by dapurnya shintiauw, embellishments were provided by ashlee embellishments, all pictures were taken by cotton candy baby photography - and they built that cute photo corner too!

workshop in a box #8: sneak peek.

come join us (only in a few more days!).

a crafty 'baking' party! no, we won't bake but we will make four sweet projects: adult apron, cupcake bath bomb, ice cream lollipop, and felt donut. february 16th at 1/15 coffee. for more info, please email or like our fanpage here.

a silver and gold dessert table for NOVA.

last week was my busy week. NOVA offered me to contribute craft projects for their 25th anniversary issue, so of course i jumped at the chance. at first, they just wanted me to make various cake toppers and decorate several lanterns. but since i was in the mood for a dessert table, i proposed my concept and they agreed! they only asked me to add some sparkles, hence the color silver and gold. the preparation was crazy but let me tell you, i think it was all worth it.

i love the result so much, am planning to keep the paper wheels for kutri's 1st birthday. i want to incorporate them with the theme we've (or was it just me?) chosen for her.

the winners.

so sorry for the late announcement. as usual, life got in the way (yea, both of the kids catch flu). they sneeze and cough and sneeze and cough and my heart breaks every time. anyway without further ado, here are the list of the winners - picked randomly by the baby. doesn't she look so big already?
piena mustika (zwitsal baby spa book), maya floria yasmin (chair covers), fuji syukrillah (notebooks), arifa murdisiwi (yuara's goody bag), and dela (cushion covers). congratulations! i will wait two days for them to claim the prizes, otherwise am picking another winner. and for those of you who don't win, no worries next giveaway is coming soon ;)