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our champ has just turned 3.

it was actually two days ago our baby turned to a little boy. and it was his first time celebrating at school! so the day before, we practiced blowing candles and he nailed it - but not on D day though, he was pretty surprised when my mom, mom-in-law, and me came at snack time, he lost focus. haha, oh well.. it was still reaaally nice seeing him grin ear to ear when we came :) of course i prepared some goody bags for yuara's new classmates and teachers (he's in nursery class now, how my boy grew!) from my line. they were the blackboard-to-gos with these DIY thank you notes. you will only need sheets of black paper and a chalk to scribble, i also used the same trick for yuara's birthday cake. it was a great day... at least until we had to go and yuara immediately clung to my legs crying. oh i love you son, i really trully do. happy birthday to you!

wednes-DIY: silhouette on canvas.

yes i know i know, i made too many things inspired by silhouette. but what can i say, i love it to pieces! and eventhough this tutorial is long overdue (i made these two for early's wedding), i say better late than never :D i opted for stencil technique, but had some help from my old friend ivan meirizio using the cutter pen. am reaaaally clumsy around sharp objects, ask my mom she knows better not to let me slice anything in the kitchen. well anyway, the steps are pretty simple i guess the pictures quite explain themselves. you'll only need a piece of fabric and some fabric paint, and you're good to go. have fun making one!

spirit day.

my son's school has this day where the kids are asked to wear some handmade fruit or veggie themed costumes. but since lately i've been spending my time in bed, i totally forgot to check yuara's monthly newsletter! hence, i just found out the day before. i frantically sewed with what we had laying around at home. sorry i didn't have the how-tos, we made it in a rush - yuara helped with the fillings, he is such a cutie! so here was what we came up with. yuara was a grape! he loved his costume so much, he refused to take it off and wore it in his nap. so i felt like it was definitely worth it to sew in my headache :D

the reason why.

i haven't blogged for so so long is because... (drum rolling) am pregnant! it's almost the same as my first pregnancy - the constant nausea and migraine, sigh. hence, i spent most of my time in bed. but this is my third month already, so hopefully one more month and i will be back to my normal self. ah, we're so excited... hope everything goes well, insha allah.