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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Kutri’s Snoopy Party

I don’t know how this happened but my little girl turned four. To celebrate this tremendous surprise, we held her a Snoopy themed. Is she a big fan of this character? Sure, though (maybe) not as big as her mommy! So you can imagine how excited I was to prepare all things Snoopy.

Quality Control by the birthday girl

I decorated the dessert table backdrop with cloud plushies, fabric kites, and of course the cardboard Snoopy dog house – both the little and big version. I also made the kite-eating tree from green pompoms and a coat rack, that stood by the table and dog shed. The table was filled with the cutest Snoopy character treats and the birthday cake was brilliant. Great job @lilchumchum, I loved it so so much!

The photobooth was that Lucy’s infamous psychiatrist stand and surprise, surprise.. it made a great frame for family pictures while blowing out the candles. It was quite a hit!
What were also a hit? Crafting Snoopy bags and watching the movie all together at @kinosaurusjakarta. It was a great day with the cousins and the little birthday girl had a blast. After all, it’s only that what you want on your kid’s party, right?

I am personally glad that the Snoopy fever in me has come out cool and strong!



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