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Friday, March 27, 2015


Hey, look! One of my DIYs is published in Joy Magazine!

Here’s the story behind this project.  Joy Magazine contacted me after seeing my DIY lampshade (on the right)  I made for my book – “DIY Room Project”. They wanted me to do something similar for their article. That’s where I ended up creating this geometric-shaped paper lampshade (on the left). Though it might look complicated to make, it’s really do-able. Trust me. Now, for tutorials, go grab my book (or you can always order it here) to try making the lampshade on the right side as well as  grab Joy Magazine’s March 2015 issue for the geometric-shaped lampshade’s full tutorial in words and pictures. Have fun!


Thursday, March 26, 2015


And to celebrate that, we threw her a Sesame Street themed party last Saturday! I wasn’t exactly planning a party but only approaching the day we decided to go for it. And what could be more fun (for me) and more happier (for Kutri) to go with all things Elmo and Sesame Street.

The Sesame Street dessert table
 The photo booth

Our smiles that day!
We held the party at Club Kembang and invited Puppetaria from Jalan Sesama to conduct a puppet workshop for the invites. From the smiles and giggles, I knew the kids had a great time creating their own puppets made from socks. Other than the workshop, of course there was the photo booth and dessert table made by moi with the delicious cakes and cupcake by @lilchumchum and cakepops by @alinaratih. Seriously, they were too cute to eat! Take a closer look at Kutri’s Sesame Street… I know I’m being bias here, but I think Sesame Street is the best theme for a birthday party. What do you think?
 Don't you just love the Cookie Monster cake and Big bird, Elmo, Oscar cupcakes?
 Elmo lampions at the entrance of the venue and Yuara with his puppet and goodybag made by dreamesh!
 Look what was in the goody bag? An Elmo Bento Box to bring home! Oh and that Elmo Tumpeng was a hit!


Thursday, March 19, 2015

SPONSORED POST: Good Sleep, Cheerful Baby

Last week, I was thrilled to be invited by Mommies Daily to attend the “Senyum Pagi Bayi No. 1 di Indonesia” gathering by Pampers Baby-Dry Pants as well to decorate their space. Besides having fun decorating, naturally, I also enjoyed listening to the explanation of the topic on how important it is that our kids get enough sleep.
Kids aged 1-3 years should get 12 to 14 hours of sleep, so this is something I am worried about for Kutri. She sleeps rather late though she still gets her day nap. I need to make sure that she gets the right amount of sleep, by staying comfortable all through the night – meaning tummy, temperature, and nappy satisfaction. For the latter matter, I get help from Pampers Baby-Dry Pants. The pants are some kind of magic! These thin pants have a leak protection, Extra-Dry Layers, which keep the diaper dry up to 12 hours, also a Super Gel innovation supporting a quicker absorbance in all areas of the diaper. Better yet, the back of the diaper is very breathable and fitted with baby lotion to prevent skin irritation. With that and a bottle of milk near by, what can be better than having your baby wake up with a dry bottom and a big smile?

Because we believe that a good sleep will bring cheerfulness, Pampers is creating a photo contest to capture those happy smiles after a good sleep. All you need to do is click a photo of your baby smiling after his or her sleep and send it over here. This campaign starts from March 15th until April 25th 2015. A collage of the winning pictures will be made into a “Senyum Pagi Bayi No 1 di Indonesia” billboard that will be showcased at Mal Taman Anggrek in May 2015. Why not give it a try! Don’t forget to tag #MommiesDaily and #PampersMorningSmile I will surely be taking K’s pictures in the morning from now on...


Monday, March 16, 2015


I made a little play house from cardboard boxes for the photo shoot properties published for Ayah Bunda magazine last year.

Together with the houses, I made a tree, table, drawer, and cars.
It was such fun to see the little models play for real with the properties. I personally think this is an easy project you can do together with your kid, after all all you need is cardboard, paint, and wrapping paper to decorate. I promise you, your kid will be crazy happy!


Friday, March 13, 2015


You know that phase when your baby is no longer a baby and it’s time to modify the nursery? Well, here are some tips and ideas I used when decorating my champ's room.

1.    Go wall neutral. When it comes to decorating a kids room according to gender, we intend to choose the color that matters the most then use it ferociously as in from the door to walls and accessories. A little girl’s room would most probably be a pallet of pink and purple and a boy’s room would be blue. My idea is to go neutral. Why? Because rather than painting the wall that certain color and regretting it later, why not use bold elements in the colors you desire instead. For example, I decorated Y’s room with element pops of the color green, like the cabinet, garland, and carpet. I think it showed that this is a boy’s room without being too obvious. Also, this trick really works when you get bored easily, then you can just adjust those elements with other colors that fit the mood of you (and your child) one day without having to make a major change in wall color.

2.    Decorate with wall hanging. Using wall ornaments in a kid’s room is a great (and cheap) way to add character. When choosing a theme, I’d say to keep it simple and make sure to not take up all the space on the wall, otherwise it would look too crowded. Also keep in mind that the pictures have an element of education to it (hence, the map fabric on Yuara's wall!). So, while still being entertaining, kids also can learn something from it as a bonus.

3.    Adjust the closet. Since Y’s room is not really big, I couldn’t bring in a large closet for his clothes. Instead I bought a cheap metal shelf and made curtains to go around it to open and close when I please. Now, the top part holds clothes while the lower shelves hold storage boxes.

4.    Storage, storage, and storage. Of course we can use the baby storage baskets again. But if you want to, you can adapt that certain color you like to these particular storage boxes. It makes the room look even come together.

5.    Make it fun! Because the first thing we want is him or her to bear playing there for hours. That’s why I think a room should be a place for them to explore. Yuara loves this A tent I got from @ador.alby as he gets to create fun places to hang around, read a book, or even sleep in.


Tuesday, March 10, 2015


Yep, just place an order if you fancy a custom pencil case and its pack for gifts or goodie bags on your kids’ special day. Last week's monster order was super cute!

Thursday, March 5, 2015


Welcome to the monster club! This monster themed halloween party last year I prepared for was so fun. I made monster decorations to hang up, monster piñatas, monster game props, and monster bowling cans.
Although the place was packed with monsters, they seemed less scary and more like cute! What do you think?
 monster decoration and game!
monster garlands!
monster games!

monster pinatas!

Here’s some of the pictures and a DIY tutorial of the bowling cans. All you need are empty cans, paint and a marker!

1.    Clean out 15 cans and peel off the paper around the can.
2.    Using white wall paint mixed with various poster paints you have around the house, paint your monster’s face, horns, eyes and mouth on the front and back of the can. Leave to dry.
3.    Once the paint has dried, dot the eyes and draw the mouth with a black marker.
4.    For the bowling ball (not shown in the picture, sorry!), paint your kids’ medium weight ball with white wall paint mixed with poster paint and draw the eyes and the mouth as well. Now, you’re ready to play monster bowling!


Tuesday, March 3, 2015


Hoot-hoot… Calling out to all owl lovers! Transform an ordinary brown paper bag into a cute owl treat bag. Be it a goodie bag or a lunch bag, it just cannot be any easier than this!
What you need:
-    One brown paper bag
-    Color paper
-    Round-shaped stickers
-    Scissors
-    Glue
-    Black marker

How to make:
1.    Make feathers for the bib using color paper cut into the shape of a blunt pencil and stick on the center part of the owl, starting from the bottom of the paper bag to the top.
2.    Make a half circle for the owl’s feet and stick them on the right and left bottom of the paper bag.
3.    Cut out a small triangle for the beak and glue in the center of the feathers.
4.    The eyes of the owl is made out of three parts: the black outer part, the yellow inner part, and the sticker part dotted with a black marker. Start creating the big owl’s outer eyes slightly bigger than the width of the paper bag. I cut around it creating fringe before sticking the inner yellow part on. Glue on top of each other and attach the white sticker then glue right on top of the beak.
5.    For the wings, trace your hand (or your childs' hand) – both right and left hand on color paper. Cut out and fold in half. Stick the wings in between the folded side parts of the paper bag.
6.    Lastly, fold the top of the paper bag diagonally from the right and left towards the center top shaping a triangle. Your paper bag should now shape like an arrow facing upwards. Now, fold the triangle over the eyes of the owl and seal.
This project is so kids friendly! In fact, I taught Yuara’s friends at his school to do this project for mother’s day. I could tell his friends were really excited and finished the project in only 1,5 hours. They did it, now it’s your turn! 



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