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calling all the bandungers.

can you really say that? bandungers? anyway, am coming to bandung next sunday the 29th and i will be throwing a craft workshop at tobucil (thanks for hosting!) at 15:00 WIB. for more info, please e-mail
so i hope to see you soon! can't wait :D

laiqa magazine soft launching.

i adore fifi alvianto from her early years of blogging - now, she is the chief editor of laiqa magazine. so when i was offered to do laiqa's party decor, i instantly said yes. the party was held on july 24th, it was small and intimate and (hopefully) i made it pretty.

congrats once again, laiqa! and thanks for having me, it'd been a real pleasure :)

have i told you.

about our trip to yogya way back in early july? no of course not, i've been M.I.A for the last couple of month due to my uhm, schedule. but it was amazingly fun (and kids friendly - since we have two to entertain nowadays).

oh my only agenda coming to this city is this place called tegel kunci - i've been planning to redo our dining room's floor for years and theirs are the perfect choice! as for the kids (yuara mostly), we made sure we kept them busy by visiting chocolate factory, children museum, taman pintar playground, taman lampion fairground, mang engking's castle, and gembira loka zoo. can't wait to come back to yogya soon!