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like the first time.

feels like going to my debut bazaar. it's the umpteenth time, but my heart beats as fast. in my defense, this mother and baby bazaar is the biggest event i've ever participated in. and am glad i share it with great crafters: lia of sewmanics; dedek and nia of popcorn; femmy, gita, and rani of kinanti. oh, i really can't wait to see our booth open today!
please do stop by our booth C11 at balai kartini, 30 july - 1 august from 9 am - 6 pm :)

if you're from the eighties.

then you must know the friendship bracelet. i used to know how to make one. when i was in junior high, we all went to venice and i got my hair braided with this (only one strand, though)!
so i squaled in joy when i found out that if you make one longer, it can actually be worn as necklace! see the tutorial over at, found via poppytalk. talk about good old days, eh?

aku anak indonesia.

is the title of today's bazaar at the sultan, from ten to five. and yes of course, dreamesh living will be there!

i know the pic is awful, sorry for that. the camera's auto and manual focus doesn't work. the husband accidentally dropped my camera from second floor. but it is now in repair. get well soon!

come on in.

have i let you step into our home and take a look at the entryway? not yet? silly host, tsk tsk. this was one of the early pictures when we first moved in. of course as time goes by, the knickknacks on the top of our buffet got a bit, well okay, a lot messier (i promise to take an 'after' picture one of these days). but i think they also give us the feel of hominess - okay, is that even a word? oh, do please ignore. anyway, welcome (to you too, weekend!).

when the husband stepped in.

i didn't know what to do with our front and backyard. well, actually i do know what i want for the wall and the space (a slide and swing set for you, kiddo!) but i had no idea what to plant. thank god, the husband came and saved the day. he looked for 'the simple plants' i requested and we came up with these.
i love the way they sort of blend together. now, we'll just have to wait for cecillia hidayat to come over next week and does her fairy magic. oops, do i give away too much? *giddy with excitement*

circus birthday party.

a dear friend of mine invited us to her son's first birthday. it was a circus themed one, so i offered to bring along some activity for the kids to play with. but since i didn't have time to make anything from scratch, i downloaded a finger puppet circus set from first palette. love it!

the only downside was we arrived late at the party and the kids were already gone home. well, at least i got to see yuara played with it before we took off. next time i promise to read the invitation thoroughly.

what's for breakfast.

one easy and yummy meal. i've been introduced to this jamie oliver's menu by my bestie, sheila. she made one and brought it to my surprise bachelorette picnic party (oh how i miss my long hair). anyway, it was a huge hit!
you only need a slice of bread, smoked salmon (mine with orange zest), butter, feta cheese (substitute for creme fraiche and salt), black pepper, and lemon. sounds good? i hope your monday is even better!

last brightspot market.

i had an encounter with fellow bloggers slash crafters: tara amelz of eclectica (not shown in the pic, she was having a date with my little bro so it hardly counts), puri of ideku handmade, and ayang cempaka of cocomomo bags. the meeting was brief since yuara got a bit cranky due to lack of entertainment (he wouldn't stand still not to mention look at the camera). there there calm down darling boy, mommy needed her entertainment too :P
i so wanted to meet ayang in person and hand her this pillow. it was the least i could do after what she did - you know, draw me that cute little profile pic on my personal card. now that we're even, i want more. maybe a little ticket to dubai next time?

another day, another order, another project.

yesterday, i finished a custom order for camellia and a DIY project for CosmoGIRL!.
yep, one curriculum vitae made out of fabric - please see the full DIY steps on CosmoGIRL!'s next edition, this is afterall a sneak peek. just another day of my busy busy life (super grateful!). ciao for now.


that's how i see my life. hence, all the crazy colors in our house. i still want to color coordinate several rooms, but i really can't see myself living in a monochrome space. so now am adding a touch of different color here and there, let's just hope it doesn't cause sore eyes for us all ;)
anyway here is my color inspiration, taken from karen barlow's living room, found via design*sponge. i love how olive green and deep fuchsia blend easily around the house.

fuchsia & turquoise.

i always love these two colors. i think they make a great pair (custom order for rizahati and ossie). see my other collection at jazzcraft vaganza, bale pare kota baru parahyangan from july 9th to 11th :)
on another matter, check out a post about indonesian batik over on design*sponge. my heart is filled with pride. what a perfect way to start the weekend!

love celebration (sewing lesson #4).

the husband took a day off yesterday. thank goodness i have already prepared a present - i sewed and handstitched this guitar strap for him! ever since i saw the tutorial on prudent baby and design*sponge, i vowed to myself that someday i will make one. and the day finally came!
i didn't expect him to come up with anything handmade since he's not crafty at all, but look at what he made for the anniversary gift: love coupons! uhm yes, i spent two already - what can i say, am sooo into the idea.last but not least, we had dinner at our favorite restaurant, cassis. just the two of us.
it was like date nights all over again. i wish we can celebrate our anniversary more often :)


marriage is not always easy. but when it gets hard, you make it easier. thank you for the past three years. i loved you then, i love you now, and i will always love you.
happy anniversary to us.

potty training.

so here we are, training the kid to pee and poop in the toilet. it's been more than a week and yuara has (well, not always) agreed to sit still on his toilet seat and done his bussiness. it took only 3 days for our little champ to act like a grown up. he took his time and read his story book in the bathroom! anyway, i thought we've succeed. but only today he wet his pants three times, and it's not even nite yet. oh well, i guess this is a learning process for all of us (him with his bladder control and me with my expectation) ;)

i've been very productive.

i made cushion patterns from the fabrics i bought a week ago. found the tasik batiks in pasar mayestik and they cost so much more than the ones i usually order, but still managed to calm myself and snatched some (hee hee). i love the retro navy stripes with clouds and seagulls one, but i particularly adore the tree stumps print fabric - too cute!so yes, i've been cutting, pinning, and matching my fabric collection all weekend. happy.

mini moi.

ayang cempaka of cocomomo bags has been really kind to draw me an illustration of myself. i want to see it more often (well, of course!), so i use it on my personal name card. to see more of her fabulous work (am eyeing the olifant maxi pochette), please visit her very well presented website and store at level one grand indonesia . so proud of you, girl!

new invention.

so this is what i've been doing with sibebo's doilies. they are stitched to the turquoise batik before i turn them into a clock. i have to say my design came out pretty great, am loving the result. satisfaction, oh satisfaction.
what's new on another matter? my DIY tutorials have been featured on aquila asia - read here, here, here, and here. a perfect read to spend the upcoming weekend ;) alors, bon weekend a tous!