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i heart creative orders.

i so love orders that intrigue me. i simply adore a client who says, "just do your thing."
custom tablecloth and runner ordered by our lovely neighbour lila. catur wedha's frame ordered by phyrlin, just like the one i made for becky and ivan.
mini blackboard for nevan's goody bags ordered by dita. they truly make my day!

also from two weekends ago (lantern garland tute).

i know am reaaally behind on posting lately. i blame deadlines that wouldn't stop popping up... and my time management :P anyway two sundays ago, my friend monique natalia was having a birthday party for her son radheya and opted for a pocoyo theme. i jumped in to help a bit with the decor, and here's what i came up with.
i interpreted pocoyo's paper lantern garland with what i have lying around the house. i substituted the lack of lantern with handmade bunting from yuara's first birthday party. well, enough with the explanation already, here's the how-to steps...
for a more thorough tutorial on the pom pom lantern, head over here. can you believe it's already thursday? that means two more days to the whitest boy alive's show!

yuara's first art fair.

last weekend was yuara's first event at school. well, of course the parents were ecstatic! we finally got to see what he was doing for the last three months. after weeks of tears (him at school, and me at home - please forgive the drama as we were used to being together 24/7), yuara finally enjoys his time with all the new friends and teachers at school. now, he doesn't even look back when i drop him off and am all smiles.
since he loooves playdough so much, i chose clay pottery class over my own passion (yep, they were having batik class as well). yuara was only interested in making one single star, so his mother had to finish the whole bowl. but if i didn't tell you that, you can't really see that it was made by a 30-year-old now, can you? ha. ha. i know it's baaad :P

new collection.

will be available today at birdcage's sunday market, wijaya 9 #23 from 8 am to 8 pm. you will find:
writer's block. get it? get it?

necklace hanger.
mini blackboard.

last but not least, fabric storage box. happy shopping, people!

let's pray for japan.

send at least one prayer for japan. this will eventually pass.
[pics were taken by insan obi for a CosmoGIRL!'s project i made] and everything will be okay. i believe.

it's always a lovely surprise.

to be featured on some glossy magazines. oh, the sensation!bravacasa indonesia, february - april 2011 (i know, it's a spread!!).
martha stewart living indonesia, february 2011.japan mileage, february 2011 i suppose? one of my client sent me this pic :)and tabloid rumah, february 2011. i luuurve the last picture they took. our home looks reeeal cozy, eh? uhm, i was also mentioned on adalah kita and diana rikasari's blog (last year). never too late to thank them and you, no? so, thank you - big time :*

i still love stripes.

especially from this portrait of diana rikasari made by lala bohang about a year ago. and this tote bag from fabric & handle, found via oh joy! yes, am a sucker for big bags. don't they make you want to scream, 'ahoy!' inside? just a wee bit? exactly.

monkeying around.

that's what we did last weekend! i experimented with the pancake batter, adding sliced bananas and dash of cinnamon before pouring it onto the pan. i also added lots of icing sugar to his liking and scoop of oma anna's strawberry jam to mine. we had a cute view, yuara in his aqua pjs :) and i had time to play with my new toy: the corner cutter, recently bought at toko gunung agung. i was going to order a similar one on etsy the other day! oh, thank god i waited.speaking of toy, what's monkeying around without a real sock monkey? i've been meaning to make it myself, but what can i say am such a lazy crafter so i opted to buy this from cemprut instead. i think hers are even better than mine will ever be, especially with that flower brooch from sibebo, see?
am really looking forward to another great weekend in errr, five days?