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my current reads.

i've been wanting to share what's new in my book shelves but deadlines keep getting in the way. so here they are, enjoy :) printing by hand - lena corwin.

the dangerous alphabet - neil gaiman & gris grimly (his fave author and my fave illustrator).

room for children - susanna salk.

and although this is not something you can read from, it's a book nevertheless. bought for the husband with our wedding quote on its cover, made by vitarlenology.

show some love.

pretty please? do vote for my table decor at breadtalk indonesia's facebook page by simply clicking like on their page, go to my table's picture then click another like. i swear it's that simple!

[pictures were taken from breadtalk's facebook page]secondly, please visit us at inacraft 2011 - under the name sewing sisters along with sewmanics, kinanti, and berries at booth #241 Hall B JCC April 20-24. am giddy with excitement, our first time ever!
yep, the booth is all set up waiting for you to stop by. so, see you soon ;)

breadtalk table decor.

me and some friends were invited to breadtalk's 8th birthday party to decorate these tables.

can you guess which one is mine?

this one belongs to martha stewart living indonesia's team. that's my new friend rindra, he designs his own batik shirt.

fellow blogger, the beautiful junita najoan from kinderplays made this. check her blog here.
a masterpiece by bravacasa's team. indra febriansyah (pictured here) is my ex workmate, we were both announcers at Hard Rock FM bandung back in the days. i must say this one is my favorite - i love the rustic look and above all, j'adore the swimming goldfishes inside that tall vase.
so by now, you must've already guessed. this one is mine, and i think it suits my style very well. am always vintage at heart, hence i came up with the concept of celebrating 8th birthday party at granny's living room. i like how it felt personal. i brought that huge frame that acted as imaginary mirror. i tried placing everything symmetrically …

brief appearances.

yea, that's what i do lately since am pretty occupied preparing knick-knacks for inacraft 2011 which will be held next week april 20-24 at JCC. woo hoo! but for the meantime, am leaving you with this mini gift tutorial i wrote over at fimela. my writer's blocks as kopi keliling's giveaways at their latest event (it was last weekend, sorry). and last but not least, the ben 10 themed party bunting i made for my bestie's son's birthday. life is good, always gooood.

weekend is finally here.

i will leave you with these magical works of jillian tamaki for penguin threads deluxe classics.

am so in love with the book covers, i think i can frame these and stare at them for a long long time. have a joyous weekend, you!

decorating eggs.

is what easter all about. or so i thought. you see, back when i was a kid my mother liked taking us to easter parties eventhough we don't celebrate the holiday. i still remember how much fun i had finding the hidden eggs and decorated them afterwards. i even dressed up for the pics!

anyway, i made these decorated eggs for a monthly party article in CosmoGIRL! april 2008(photographed by laily rachev). hope you are very much inspired this easter month :)

pink silhouettes in the garden.

i made some pink bunnies for the front page web shot (click here). cute and easy to make - i think they suit the year of rabbit and this easter month nicely!
the complete tutorial is on SPICE! but i say the pictures do a grrreat job at explaining, no?

the official web is now up and running.

i made especially for you. thank you for all the love and support.

please do visit (and splurge!). since the web was only born last nite, lemme know if you find any difficulties. anyway, have fun shopping!

camper extraordinary crafts.

so that's the only explanation to my being MIA (yesss, missing-in-action). well okay, that and a couple of other things in between :D anyway, last week my bestie bianca asked me to be a last minute stand-in to her event and of course i said yes (so she'll have to do me a favor next time, ha!). i was asked to make something inspired by camper. it was quite easy since they have such strong concepts for their shoe line. i decided to prepare frames with shoe laces, blackboards, and black blocks made from left over material (just like their hybrid series). but i left the black boards plain purposefully to encourage visitors doodling any thought they had at the time - because you know, one simplest idea may build the most extraordinary crafts!
{dreamesh living}

{cotton ink}
{hunting fields}
{hadi cahyono}
it was supposedly a three-man-show, but at the end it turned out i didn't actually have to replace anyone. so there was four of us - Ria Sarwono & Carline Darjanto (Cotton Ink…