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A little can go a long way with table settings when playing a theme of an event. It has always been a pleasure when decorating table settings for various events, because I get to explore and play with the theme and colors. Here are a few of the table settings I managed to pull together during this year. Thank you to all the clients who put trust in my work. I can’t be grateful enough!

Rose Gold Party for @uchie_bazar’s 35th birthday
Location: Jittlada, the Breeze BSD City

Blogger Gathering for @lottechocopie
Location: Taman Kajoe

A Chinoiserie themed 60th Birthday Luncheon

Gold and Flowers Birathday Decoration for @puspa_kira
Location: Lot 9 Bintaro

Hawaiian themed Farewell for the Graduates of @sekolahtunasindonesia
Location: Aryaduta Lippo Village & Aryaduta Country Club

Orange and Blue Table or @lazada
Location: Lazada 4th gen Warehouse


DIY: Animal Face Origami

When Chevron asked me to participate at their workshop in reducing environmental footprint, I helped how I could and that was to throw a DIY workshop, of course!

In line to the theme, we invited children to join the workshop to make origami elephant and tiger face characters using nothing but recycled paper like newspaper, magazine paper, and cardboard. Here’s how to make yours!
What you need:
Recycled paper, marker, and glue.

How to make:

1.    Cut your piece of paper into 15cm x 15cm
2.    Fold diagonally into a triangle, crease and unfold.
3.    Fold the top tip down where both the diagonals meet. Fold the bottom tip up a little.
4.    Fold both flaps to the center shaping ears of the elephant.
5.    Now, fold both top flaps out diagonally to form ears.
6.    Flip the paper over, draw eyes and your elephant face is done!

1.    Cut your piece of paper into 15cm x 15cm
2.    Fold diagonally into a triangle and crease.
3.    Fold it again in the middle and u…