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my boy just turned four.

and he finally understood the concept of having a birthday!
so he enjoyed his yesterday.

experimenting with papercups (a giveaway).

so one day Martha Stewart Living Indonesia called and asked me to do an article with them. it was a DIY spread, so of course i said yes! papercup was the object to play with - we brainstormed some ideas and i explored them later on. i came up with these beauties, actually there were seven of them but i only snapped a couple. but do enjoy!   here comes the good part! am giving away the handmade frames with papercup flowers to two lucky winners. but first, leave a comment and become a follower so i can easily deliver the good news (if you already are, thank you so so much). the winners will be randomly picked in two week's time on november 5th. as always, the giveaway is for indonesian residents only. break a leg!

kakak yuara & diajeng kutri.

yuara is almost 4, now he can write 1-20 and his own name. but what he loves most is drawing himself and kutri in his arms. as for the baby, she is starting to eat, learning to sit and teething! so yes lately she's a bit more fussy but fortunately, yuara is always keen to help. he would run screaming 'am coming babyyy' everytime she cries, make funny faces, sing to her, and bring her toys to cheer her up. such a feast for the eyes!

and before they sleep at night, i tell them a story about a knight called yuara saving princess kutri from a curse. well of course, only one of them really listen and understand - but in no time, it will be two :)

the party was popping.

thanks to you who came and made it happen! approximately 75 boxes were sold - we couldn't believe it ourselves :)) oh yes, we had so much fun making:
- hot air balloon invitation/goody bag/centerpiece with adalima balloons and papercrane favor box - plush cloud mobile with pre-made hot air balloon from capung mungil - hot air balloon garland in cecilia hidayat's illustrations - pinwheel on paper straw for kite decorating

we had that cute photo booth made by cottoncandy baby photography and those pretty cake-cupcakes-cookies were from alexa cakes and bakes. it was definitely a day to remember!

workshop in a box #4: sneak peek.

uhm, yes i know i haven't posted the hot air balloon party pictures yet but i reaaaally have to share these now - because we're having workshop #4 next week!

yes, terrarium in a jar and origami mushroom garland are amongst things that we will make on D day! thanks to our sponsors: baby beans (photography), cocomomo (illustrations), tea rose (party decor), sibebo (mushroom bracelets), and le petiterie (cake and cupcakes), we will be having two sessions on october 13th at 1/15 coffee. for more info, like our fanpage here.