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frame workshop with indonesian crafters.

this was my second time having a free mini frame workshop - the first one was with my neighbours, but the excitement hadn't gone at all! well i guess we are called indonesian crafters for a reason, because the workshop went reaally smooth. i only had to explain once and left everything for them to figure out. anyway, this might be the last time i meet this bunch since (insha allah) i will give birth in a couple of weeks. and before everything is settling down, am pretty sure i will be spending most of my time at home - enjoying the new member of our family. oh, we really can't wait!

yummy local goodies.

am starting off monday with these sweet treats i bought locally (well except for the free cupcake, though). cupcake by my bestie alia, you can order them here ( i swear she makes the best cakes!). vintage clutch by tulisan. and paper straws are from babalisme. they really add cuteness to dull monday :)

mini canvas suitcase.

i know you'd forgive (and forget) my absence when you see these. the newest in stock but still haven't made it to the web yet since they are limited. the measurements are 30x20x15, perfect for your lunch box or make up kit. if interested please e-mail me or simply leave a comment, will try to get back to you asap. in the meantime, have a happy weekend everyone!

DIY kids activity at home #6

i think this project is the easiest of all. and frankly, who doesn't love paper doll - or in this case, paper car? well, certainly not my champ! i drew cars, ships, and airplanes on a piece of paper (preferably cardboard) and cut them all. he likes to pretend as if they were real :) and if your kid is in his coloring stage like yuara, even better! he ended playing the paper cars by coloring them one at a time. i think it's safe to say that he had a good time!

valentine's day at school.

true i don't celebrate valentine's day but just like last year, i was moved to make some handmade gifts for yuara's classmates and teachers - especially since i was invited to do the valentine storytelling in his class. i first saw this idea on made but i made mine a lot simpler. good thing i bought those heart printed paper napkins some time ago, they were really handy for this project! i cut out the napkins, placed chocolate candies, and glued it with white paper. this way, you have to tear the heart apart before enjoying the sweet treats. i gave them away to the kids right after i read the pop-up book called elmo loves you, it really suited the valentine's spirit ;)