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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

frame workshop with indonesian crafters.

this was my second time having a free mini frame workshop - the first one was with my neighbours, but the excitement hadn't gone at all!
well i guess we are called indonesian crafters for a reason, because the workshop went reaally smooth. i only had to explain once and left everything for them to figure out. anyway, this might be the last time i meet this bunch since (insha allah) i will give birth in a couple of weeks. and before everything is settling down, am pretty sure i will be spending most of my time at home - enjoying the new member of our family. oh, we really can't wait!


  1. That looks like so much fun! Congratulations!!! I just had a baby girl as well almost four months ago and we are definitely enjoying our little one so as the big brother. Take care!

  2. ah mbak Amesh pindah rumah donggggg yg deket2 rumahku :(

  3. wishing you a smooth delivery mba Amesh, amin *hugs :)



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