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my sewing nook.

is finally done! now i can sew away happily. i found the vintage desk at kemang timur for a cheap price and i thought it had so much potential. the little suitcase above is from bagus bagus, bought at toko gunung agung senayan city, and the blackboard is of course from my shop. the jars lining up were borrowed for a martha stewart magz photo shoot which i can't wait to share to all of you. hope you have a beautiful day :)

this week's project.

remember my best friend's wedding that i've been working on? i have some updates to show you. the theme will be chic garden party, so am working my best to cooperate the handmade goodies i made. D day is coming soon, so i reaaally hope my team and i will be ready by then. wish us luck ;)

gocco printed pouch.

heya everyone, i know it's been so long since i last posted anything. but am back today with one exciting tuto! well at least, for me. i was smitten with gocco printing technique ever since i first laid my eyes on lia's gocco cards. so i learnt it online and begged the husband to get me the gocco machine (they are usually sold on ebay or etsy). long story short, i tried mine for making one of the anniversary picnic props. and it was unexpectedly easy! 1. make your own design. i printed mine because gocco master needs the carbon on its original design. but you can also use a photocopier or even pencil! cut your design to fit the final print size and insert the gocco master into place. 2. prepare the lamp and its two bulbs. the bulbs can only be used once, so don't forget to discard them after you press the gocco machine and it flashes. wash your hands afterwards. 3. lift the gocco machine and set aside your design. the gocco master is ready! 4. lift the transparent film to …

my ex boyfriend then.

a.k.a my husband now just had his birthday yesterday. we didn't celebrate much as he was stuck in a really bad traffic. but as always, am just glad he got home safe because it was all that matters. maybe i don't say this often, but am grateful to have you as my partner of life. you're the best! hope you still enjoyed the day (and of course the birthday messenger bag from cocomomo bags).

giveaway winner + ramadhan fair.

and the winners are: ita mecaonic (knitwear) and kuwacikecil (vintage indian blouse). they were picked randomly and blindfoldedly by moi - yes, the champ is still asleep at the moment. as always, i will wait two days for both of them to claim the prizes, otherwise am picking another winner. and for those of you who don't win, i promise the next guilty giveaway is coming soon! you know how holiday sales affect us ladies... on a different note, dreamesh living will be available at ramadhan fair mazee fx (3rd floor fx) august 4 - 24. hope to see you there!