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Monday, January 30, 2012

if you ever.

go on a picnic, please ask me to come along with this free let's picnic invitation by amy moss of eat drink chic.
and i will be there. in a heartbeat.

fox fever.

the members of indonesian crafter were challenged to create fox themed handmade goodies. i made a felt fox and stitched it to yuara's shirt, it was really simple compared to what the others made.
these are a few of my favorites, see the rests here.
aren't they gorgeous? am so lucky to know all these creative people :D

Monday, January 23, 2012

pizza party.

my ex co-workers and i planned a playdate for our kids. we thought it would be more fun if we had a theme so we went with pizza party. prior to D day i had already ordered pizza cookies from puri ideku handmade, printed out free pizza templates from disney family fun, and made some DIY dish towel aprons. yep, i was totally prepared!
too bad on D day, indi couldn't come so it was just me and sheila. but thank goodness she was also prepared with her homemade pizzas from pre-made doughs, so it took only a couple of minutes to bake them in the oven. we were hoping the kids would help us with the toppings but they were more interested in sticking on the paper ones instead. but still it was a delicious delicious day :D

DIY dishtowel apron.

for a pizza party themed playdate we had last weekend, i made the kids these dish towel aprons. i swear they are super easy and cheap. i bought the dish towel at a grocery store nearby, cut its upper corner, added bias tape for the neck - one big button on the waist area - and not to forget, the kid's initial from felt. and just like that, it's done.
but if you want your dish towel apron to be more adjustable, feel free to go with bias tape for the waist. am not sure if the kids loved their aprons, but they didn't take them off for quite some time. surely that meant something, no?

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

bandung getaway.

well, at least it was a getaway for me and the champ while the husband had to attend a business meeting in the hotel we were staying in. i mean, who can ever resist a free vacay? not moi of course, hence the tagging along part :D the hotel's pool was reaaally nice, yuara couldn't hide his excitement. i don't think he would come out of it if i wasn't there to pull him out.
and we went to kampung gajah too! i personally think that dufan is way better for kids at yuara's age, but we still tried on a couple of ride before heading back home. all in all, the trip was very amusing and refreshing - it might be the last one we had before the baby pops out in two more months! my oh my, how time flies when you're having fun ;)

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

DIY kids activity at home #5

have you tried spoon drawing with your kids? it really is a lot of fun! it all started pretty simple, yuara always gets bored when we eat at restaurants so i usually give him spoon and squirt some ketchup forming two eyes, one nose, and a mouth. and that spoon can keep him entertained until we all finish our food.
so i did the same thing for this project, but using wooden spoons and colorful markers. he was very much intrigued! although my son can't draw properly just yet, he had so much fun coloring them. i only drew faces and he would complete them with clothes to wear :D

Monday, January 9, 2012

DIY kids activity at home #4

yes i know holiday is over and yuara's school starts today, but am not done with the project yet. i still have a couple of activity left to post, but as usual was too busy taking some time off :P anyway i like this one the best, it was inspired by dreams of flying series of jan von holleben's photography.
i chose the circus theme based solely on props that were lying around the house. it was pretty simple, i just laid everything on the floor and snapped some pictures. and there it's done!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

indonesian crafters unite.

weeks ago i was invited to join crafter indonesia on facebook, so i did. and today we had our very first arisan gathering, it was really exciting to meet fellow crafters with similar hobby and interest. thanks a bunch to chesiria tattia who made it happen!
we basically discuss everything crafty so the topics were never worn off (by the way, yes that's me with my reaaally sexy lips :P). see you all again at my place next month for a simple mini frame workshop. i will be providing the frames, so please bring your own leftover fabric and cutter. for those of you who is interested but hasn't joined crafter indonesia yet, please leave a comment here and i'll see what i can do. cheers to new friends and new inspirations!


was a week ago, i know. but i hope it's not that late to wish you a happy new year! for new year's eve, we had our dinner and DVD tradition with the husband's high school gang. only this year we didn't do any photo booth session since we decided to watch thriller instead of horror (yeayness!). to keep the little ones spirited (at least until before midnight), i ordered felt burgers from cemprut. i was going to make them myself, but you know how preggers are :D
i made gordon ramsay's blue cheese burgers but they didn't get to the table because our menu was already too much - some of the RSVPs couldn't make it. hence we had so much to eat, it was a feast! no complaints here, though. for me, spending time with good friends (and good food) is always the best option to end a year - and i know you think so too. hope you had a fab NYE :)


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