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Sunday, January 8, 2012


was a week ago, i know. but i hope it's not that late to wish you a happy new year! for new year's eve, we had our dinner and DVD tradition with the husband's high school gang. only this year we didn't do any photo booth session since we decided to watch thriller instead of horror (yeayness!). to keep the little ones spirited (at least until before midnight), i ordered felt burgers from cemprut. i was going to make them myself, but you know how preggers are :D
i made gordon ramsay's blue cheese burgers but they didn't get to the table because our menu was already too much - some of the RSVPs couldn't make it. hence we had so much to eat, it was a feast! no complaints here, though. for me, spending time with good friends (and good food) is always the best option to end a year - and i know you think so too. hope you had a fab NYE :)

1 comment:

  1. aaaaah... now i'm craving for the real burger,hihi ;p



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