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crafty days #4.

for those of you bandung residents, please come visit dreamesh living at tobucil's crafty days.
fyi, today is our last day!

not enough fabric in the world.

well, mine at least. everytime i see interesting printed fabrics, i never think twice. i snatch, fast and big. which is why i bought 10 meters of this beautiful floral fabric the minute i laid my eyes on it. it reminded me so much of the fabric alike that i bought online in US and had it sent to my sister in law's new apartment. unfortunately, it got lost along the way (thank god it was only a meter sample!). floral fabric like this is popping out everywhere in the blogland, especially on little green notebook. so you see now how ecstatic i was to have found it. am planning to hang it over our bed. like lauren liess did for her son's crib, via design*sponge. and the way kate dixon did for this kids circus room, via poppytalk. or maybe, make a vintage folded screen out of it? we shall see. in the meantime, i also bought a meter of these velvets.
yep, i have another dreamesh living project in mind!

this long weekend.

why don't we all go camping. with style. but if it's up to me, i prefer a teepee over a tent. and i want it built inside our house. you see, am not really the outdoorsy type of girl.
so i love the idea of sara hicks malone's playroom, found via design*sponge. but i will surely be decorating with a more palyful teepee.exactly like suki's pikku kukan tiipii, found via bloesem kids. and don't forget to decorate with the matching rug.diamond towers printed rug from urban outfitters.and of course, the campers have to pack their things in this multi super stasher from annie larson online store.and wear this acrylic bunting necklace from eden & eden throughout the night. and day. i see triangular shape everywhere *heart*.

let's not get tired of playing.

yuara is 19 months old now. and as every other parent would feel, i sometimes fear that he doesn't play enough. i usually let him out in our frontyard chasing for cats, run around the house, swim at the clubhouse swimming pool, or simply sit on his red plastic chair to build blocks, color his favorite activity book, watch OSO on playhouse disney, and listen to me reading him a story. and on weekends, we always take him to some playground so he can socialize with others.
yet am still afraid that somehow it's still lacking. so i pledge to myself that from now on, am taking him to the playground (in this case, it's main main at bintaro sec 2) twice a week (once on weekdays), or maybe three times - whichever he likes - until he's ready for preschool. i really enjoyed our ride yesterday, me on the steering wheel and yuara on his baby car seat in the back. love you kid, i hope we're making a pair of good parents for you.

i've made.

myself some new cushions. remember the pennant banners from yuara's first year birthday bash? i cut them up for this little project so i can always have something to remember his party by. i also cut some felts and leftover batik fabric to build that cute dollhouse on my second baby.
i love these two so much i don't think i have the heart to sell any of them. well, let's just see.

have you taken.

a good glimpse of eclectica by tara amelz's new collection? the indonesian doll.
recognize the batik fabric from somewhere? ;)

too cute.

to pass up.the tiny little fairy door by tadaa studio, found via the happy home.

don't you just miss reupholstering.

i do. so am posting one of my project for you. here's the story: we needed one medium storage to keep the towels and bed linens near our bed and bathroom upstairs. and the right thing to do is force my dad to hand us down one of his cabinets. he finally gave up and sent over this one.
to be honest, its classic javanese style didn't really pull on my heartstring. but as always, i made it work. after all, beggars can't be choosers, right? (by the way, thanks dad, i love you ;))
i cut its feet, painted it in salem and planned to sandwash the edges but couldn't find the time nor the will. i thought to myself, if am ever going to achieve that unfinished look, i may never post this on my blog. so here it is (yeah, the excuse to my laziness). well, have a lazy weekend, you!

the long lust list.

i heart fabric necklaces. big big time. i should've posted about them before my birthday, so you know what to get me *wink. handwoven cotton and brass necklace, for me, for you by kate miss. rosebuds necklace, eclectica by tara amelz.
african necklace, wonder wonder.
clown necklace, kami idea.
braided necklace, thief and bandit. i bought two already, hee hee. so, which one do you like?

for the love of fabric.

i spent my weekend shopping for pretty fabrics. i always felt weekends go by so fast. anyway, how did yours go? happy monday.

easy yo-yo DIY.

i wrote this simple tutorial for my column over at SPICE!. i truly think yo-yos make everything else look a lot nicer.

i would have.

picked out this embroidered invitation by rifle paper company, found via mustard and sage, for our wedding invitations. piece of art. i love.

one very long weekend project.

i wanted to paint our temporary bedroom's ceiling in black and white stripes this long weekend. but with the bazaar and deadline happening, surely i changed my mind.
so today, instead of painting, am simply posting sharon taylor's nursery room found via design*sponge to remind myself that i still have this major homework!

pouf parade.

lately, i made several pouns to sell. from kids size to regulars. such joy! these two were ordered by my friend, marjorie budiman. and this one was specially made for chic mart, kemang. want one too? come visit dreamesh living at superstar week, pacific place's south lobby, from today until the 16th.

am 30.

and extremely happy. i spent all day smiling as the husband prepared a mini surprise party inviting some really good friends of mine. i know, i know, am lucky to have him :) anyway, thanks for all of your birthday wishes via facebook and twitter. you have really made my day. YEAH, I LOVE BEING 30!!!

the white pleated cushion cover winner.

drum rolls... nella mareti of sibebo (picked randomly by the husband). i will wait two days for nella to claim the prize, otherwise am picking another winner. and for those of you who don't win, there will be next time!
by the way, i also threw another giveaway for two dreamesh living pillows on SPICE! magazine last month. if you entered, good luck! i hope you win :)

filled with sweetness.

that's how i want my last weekend of being 20 something to be. i have craved for good cookies ever since i ate a gooey one at the previous brightspot market. they tasted just like mrs fields's. hmmm, i wonder how these treats are like.
love letter cookies by eleni's, found via bleubird vintage.
wallpaper cookies by miette, found via design*sponge. thank god i already bought sweet cakes from ranch market's bakery shop last night. time to munch!

the report.

on yesterday's JICC bazaar. loved it. loved it. loved it. this time, i collaborated with my dear friend berries.
that's my new product in the middle: batik reusable shopping bag. and here are our neighbours:
pretty bangkok poms necklace from mystique.
lovely prints by tulisan. adorable reusable shopping bags by me bag. i think they're way cuter than mine. hee hee.awesome japanese kids meal by kiddo bento.
stuffed animal pillows and hanging mobiles by bidiboo. oh, am so lucky to be surrounded by so many talented crafters - can't wait for next year!

thursday bazaar.

if you happen to pass by kemang village apartment tomorrow, be sure to visit my stand.
Jakarta International Community Center (JICC) spring bazaar, 9 to 5. see you there!

my first craft swap.

when i first saw these miso mucho bowl card series by dindie of slora sauna, i was smitten. they were cute and hand painted with acrylic paint - something i abandoned long ago.
sigh. is it too late to go back? i really miss painting. thanks for the swap (and the inspiration), dindie!

late question.

so what did you do last weekend? the husband and i held a small family gathering at our place. his family has this routine to meet up every month or two. and last saturday was our turn to host. i was really excited since i looove planning a party - especially a tea party! this time, i kept it simple though. i used big vases filled with white flowers as cakestands bottoms for the centerpiece.
oh, and i cooked too! an easy-peasy handed down dutch bitterballen recipe from my mom. only i transformed it into something a lot more simple. I use the meat mixture as fillings for mini croissants bought from local supermarket.
500 gram minced beef
1 large onion, chopped
6 garlic cloves, chopped
3 large carrots, diced
2 tablespoon all purpose flour
1 cup vegetable stock
2 tablespoon feta cheese
20 gram butter
2 tablespoon olive oil
2 tablespoon soy sauce
salt, sugar, black pepper, and nutmeg to taste

1. Pour olive oil into the pan. Fry onion, garlic, and minced beef until golden brown. Season with salt, suga…