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Saturday, May 22, 2010

don't you just miss reupholstering.

i do. so am posting one of my project for you. here's the story: we needed one medium storage to keep the towels and bed linens near our bed and bathroom upstairs. and the right thing to do is force my dad to hand us down one of his cabinets. he finally gave up and sent over this one.
to be honest, its classic javanese style didn't really pull on my heartstring. but as always, i made it work. after all, beggars can't be choosers, right? (by the way, thanks dad, i love you ;))
i cut its feet, painted it in salem and planned to sandwash the edges but couldn't find the time nor the will. i thought to myself, if am ever going to achieve that unfinished look, i may never post this on my blog. so here it is (yeah, the excuse to my laziness). well, have a lazy weekend, you!


  1. I like what you did with. Looks fresh, especially with the fun arrangements on top.

  2. property di atas-nya jadi bikin kabinet ini makin keren mesh ... (^.^)

  3. wahh kakinya dipotong! kamu ngerjain sendiri, mesh? kok aku masih ga tega ya motong2 furniture :P padahal ada beberapa lemari di sini yg kyknya perlu dipermak (khususnya warna) tapi ga tegaaa ganti warnanya :D

  4. I always excited of your idea, making something new from a thing, like this. Voila! You always update me with very nice idea almost every day. :)



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