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DIY puppet stage.

i know it's long overdue, oh please do forgive me. for yuara's birthday party last week, i made a cardboard puppet stage! sorry for the lack of tutorial steps, i assembled the stage at night a.k.a not enough light for good pictures. sigh, but i promise next time i will! anyway, i think the outcome looked so much better than the picture i have in my head. in fact, am really proud of the result :D since most of the invitees were the neighbour kids who are a lot bigger than yuara, i decided to provide extra entertainment: a puppet show. now, we already have the alligator puppet and ordered a pirate one from ideku handmade. but we couldn't make a show without the stage, don't you think? so i googled hard but still didn't find what i was looking for (super easy DIY that is). at the end, i just went with my guts and prayed for the best.
the husband volunteered to be the puppet master and he interacted very well with the audience. he made cute quizzes that involved reading …

wow thank you.

the charity sale is now over but am still waiting for a couple of transfers that hadn't been made. i promise as soon as everything clears out, i'd send the fund we collected to one of PMI's account.
am so excited! the amount is beyond my expectation, i really can't thank you enough :))

new update.

due to great response (thanks to all of you) everything from yesterday's post is sold out. my e-mail beeper didn't rest yesterday :) but no worries i still have some things left from my previous collection, so if interested in donating for the victims of merapi's explosion and tsunami in mentawai, the charity sale is still on. but today might be the last day since i have nothing else to offer.
everything at half price. perses (covers only, sorry), tigaris, and mirra. thank you for participating, let's pray for indonesia.

charity sale.

Indonesia is crying. merapi's explosion and tsunami in mentawai happened yesterday. as one of its citizen, i really want to help. maybe not much, but i think little thing can lead to big meaning. i feel very fortunate that am still here, having a jicc bazaar today at kemang village and another one at prefere kemang this weekend, while some of us might lose their home and family :( that's when i decided to throw this online charity sale (well, that and the inspiring ayang cempaka of cocomomo bags). so this is how it goes, am selling all my ready stock half price and all profit will be donated to the victims through PMI (Palang Merah Indonesia) account. since this is an online charity sale, we'll be doing this here, leave a comment or simply e-mail me with your requests. my stock is limited, so first come, first serve. the sale is open today and ends on the 31st.
i hope we're doing something good :) for more info on indonesia's tragedy click here or please join the …

sail party favor.

i wanted to decorate my slices of watermelon so they'd look as appealing as other treats in our pirate party. and this is what i came up with: fabric scraps for sails.
i cut mine into isosceles triangles and double taped the wrong side. then, i added the bamboo stick and folded the triangle in two. don't forget to trim excess fabric, and you're done! make them tinier with toothpicks to serve as cupcake toppers :)

pirate goody bag.

or little pirate kit as i call it. i put together customized pencils from oriental trading; free printable pirate hats and eye patches from cottage industrialist; hooks, paper pirates, and treasure chests from babalisme; and parrot finger puppets from ideku handmade. [all paper goods printed by quick print point]
at some point, i thought to myself that i might have gone a wee bit overboard. but hey, i wasn't gonna let our little pirate guests down for not having the essentials now, was i?

our home sweet home.

is featured on last week's nova.
thanks to astrid :*

the fabric invitation.

you remember how obsessed i was with fabric invitation? so i finally made my dream come true. whaddya know, it's super easy! turned out i only have to iron the freezer paper (bought at supermarket) onto some grey cotton fabric - or belacu as we say it here in indonesia - and print them altogether. of course, it didn't always succeed but the effort was surely worth the result!
[map design by babalisme] then i had the edges sewn in cream color, roll them one by one, and secure with thick threads (not shown in the pictures). ideally, i sent them all out in pretty vintage bottles. but that would be too much for a two year old birthday party isn't it? (aka lazy mama).

my must go place in bali.

jenggala. their paint-a-pot corner seems to always pull on my heartstrings. it really did the first time, so am back for another try. with yuara this time. and i looove the result.

bali recap.

i love bali. especially the view. can you see the boys' silhouette from where i laid? pretty nice i must say. yuara really enjoyed his time. the minute he was up, he went straight to the pool (he even dragged me when i wasn't following). and he surely adores the beach, he could sit still playing with sand and stare at the waves for more than fifteen minutes (world record!). mama's boy indeed. too bad we didn't go to padang-padang beach, because dreamland is way too crowded than the last time i went there (2007), let alone the first time (1998 was it?). yeah, we should've come to petitenget instead, i like it there. anyway since the trip involves one little guy, we visited bali zoo and bali bird park as well. he was so curious, he chased around a duck! as for the husband, he got what he wished for - culinary treats. we ate at ultimo, ku de ta, warung made, and la luciola (some time with the kid asleep on my lap). and of course we shopped! i went to my favorite stores…

and am back.

to my daily routines (i even received work e-mails during vacation!). but good thing yuara's birthday is coming so i have something to look forward to! these last couple of days, i've been cutting, taping, gluing, and sewing (all the paper goodies above are freebies from cottage industrialist). every. single. day. i promise to post all the tutorials next week when this is all over. but bali pics will be downloaded very soon, we had such a great time!


yeay, we're going to take some time off and fly to bali! i've always been the beach girl (and him the mountain boy) but lucky for me, yuara seems to have the same passion when put in a sandbox - thank god he can't go wall climbing yet! this would be his first plane trip and am quite nervous about it. do you have any tips to share? oh, please do.
[yuara's pic was taken at playground, kemang and us at dreamland, bali] i used to go to bali every year when i was in college, fun roadtrips! so i couldn't believe that the husband had only been there once when he was little. hence, our new year trip in late 2007 - early 2008. we stayed in ubud as he requested a place near the mountain (tsk!), but i made him promise that next time it's somewhere along the beach. and that time has come! am going to celebrate our first official family vacation (and uhm, one year blogversary - last september 5th, shame on me). see you soon :)

no-sew fabric envelope.

i love receiving order that triggers my creativity, just like these frames for diba's birthday. i was only told to pack them pretty, so instead of getting those plastic goody bags ready made at the supermarket, i tried wrapping with my fabric leftovers.
all you need is 30 x 30 cm fabric scraps (but you can use vintage handkerchiefs too!). fold your fabric to meet in the middle, then secure with tiny safety pin. a cute way to save the earth :)

and the winner is.

me. well, i really feel like a winner when i found these matryoshkas made to measure (m-cups) at aksara bookstore. i've been hunting them down on the internet, drooling and wishing altogether. and here they are right in my hands! i do hope the winner of my craft apron feels the same. congratulations rizahati of tuttifruiti (picked randomly by the kid). i will wait two days for rizahati to claim the prize, otherwise am picking another winner. and for those of you who don't win, no worries there's another giveaway in december!

bazaar frenzy.

oh yes, am having two bazaars in a row: pasar seni itb today and awa bazaar at gran melia tomorrow. so it pretty much explains why i won't be there today at pasar seni (boo!), well that and mainly because both of our mothers aren't available this weekend to babysit yuara. sigh, i wanted so much to go to pasar seni. having lived in bandung for all those years, i hardly ever missed the event! but things are different now, it's okay amesh... *sorry that was only me consoling myself. anyway unlike me, YOU shouldn't miss this event though. dreamesh living, along with calyx handmade and ideku handmade will be there today at stand #48a (thank you so so much puri, bu lia, and bu pia). okay no more blahs, i'll leave you with my last pictures in pasar seni itb 2006 and things that will be available at my two bazaars :) come and meet me tomorrow at gran melia though, i will surely be there. cheerio!

pretty tiles.

as much as i love rugs, i heart vintage tiles better. i always picture our dining room floor covered with them, the ones similar to our coffee table from cayenne. and ever since i learnt that these cutesies are made in jogja, i can't wait to start treasure hunting!
surely they will look a lot prettier around the whole house, like lila and tom's found via design*sponge. i could pack all of my belongings right now and move in if they'll have me.