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Monday, October 25, 2010

the fabric invitation.

you remember how obsessed i was with fabric invitation? so i finally made my dream come true. whaddya know, it's super easy! turned out i only have to iron the freezer paper (bought at supermarket) onto some grey cotton fabric - or belacu as we say it here in indonesia - and print them altogether. of course, it didn't always succeed but the effort was surely worth the result!
[map design by babalisme]
then i had the edges sewn in cream color, roll them one by one, and secure with thick threads (not shown in the pictures). ideally, i sent them all out in pretty vintage bottles. but that would be too much for a two year old birthday party isn't it? (aka lazy mama).


  1. bagussss mbak amesh... :>
    salam cubit buat yuaraaa.....


  2. kerenlahh pokoknya!!!
    cepatttt mbak, upload foto2 bday Yuara,, ga sabar nih :D



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