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Saturday, December 31, 2011

pictures from last weekend.

when we finally made a getaway to ancol for a night. we went to dufan, segarra, gelanggang samudra, and stayed at mercure. i totally recommend the place for those of you with kids, they have sliding pool, kids pool, outdoor and indoor playground. yuara had the time of his life!
it was only two days, but i think yuara was pretty happy with the experience. he's always a beach boy who loves the sand more than anything. and he's pretty big now that he's brave enough to ride a plane alone. the husband and i, we watched him from sidelines with amusement :)

Thursday, December 29, 2011

DIY kids activity at home #3

today, the champ and i decided to cook. this is not our first time because yuara always seems to enjoy helping me around the kitchen. he's my beloved sous-chef!
yuara reaaally likes prepping, he's usually the one who does the batter. i don't let him get too near to the stove, but he flips our pancakes and french toasts once in a while. i would never complain though as this particular activity makes him pratically lick his plate to the very last bit. i won't leave you with any recipes as i found mine on the internet, am sure you can do better :)

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

DIY kids activity at home #2

since yuara loves painting so much, i figured our second home project had to be the painted mask.
the champ and i, we spent most of our time in the backyard painting things. so today, i just let him painted the whole paper red (preferebly cardstock, but i was too lazy to reach for one) while i added blue details and cut it in a circle shape with two small holes for the eyes. it was really simple but highly entertaining!

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

DIY kids activity at home #1

as promised, this week i will be posting about simple home projects you can instantly make to keep the kid busy and entertained during holiday season. our first project was felt characters!
it all started when yuara found these googly eyes i'd been saving for rainy days. he insisted that we should make a happy face, so we did. one thing led to another, we ended up getting a boy and his dog. you just have to cut some felt or leftover fabric in several shapes and let the kid glue them altogether, no sewing needed! easy peasy lemon squeezy, we'll be back with more activities :D

Monday, December 26, 2011

family day 2011.

ever since last year, we decided to celebrate december 22nd (aka mother's day in indonesia) as family day. i mean, the father and the son play a huge part in making me the mother, right? so they deserve to be celebrated too! the rule is pretty simple, we should buy (or make) surprise gifts that we want others to wear whether they like it or not. i decided to make mine, mainly because i hardly go anywhere during this pregnancy but also because i've been meaning to get my hands on this diy no sew bow ties project since forever. they're extremely cute yet super easy.
i think the step-by-step pictures quite explain themselves. i made three, just incase i want to wear one too. not necessarily as a tie, but it can also work on a hair piece! as an exchange, the husband gave me a foot spray for my swollen feet. i must say it is the best gift for a pregger like me :D

Thursday, December 22, 2011

UN day.

before yuara started his holiday season (which was from earlier this week), he had one last themed day celebrated at school: the united nations day. for a whole week, his class was USA and on the last day, he was asked to dress as a cowboy. the parents were also asked to bring an american signature dish to school. but since i was still in the midst of my nausea, i just bought some washington apples, printed small american flags, and glued them onto a couple of toothpicks. i'd like to think that it's effortless but still very toughtful.
then, yuara came home with his very first passport and this picture of liberty statue. it's his debut of going around the world! i must say it's a smart activity, and you can do it at home with your kids too. since we're not going on a vacation trip, i've made some kids activities to keep my little champ busy, will be sharing them with you starting from next week :)

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

dear father.

my old man is having his 62nd birthday today.
hope you had a blast, ayah. god bless.

Friday, December 16, 2011

erin jang.

oh, don't you wish you can make your own story board book? i do, i do, i do! or at least, i don't mind getting one that tells an adventure with myself as the main character - just like the ones erin jang made. i think they're terribly cute! i wish i had just half her talent.
for her nephew baloo.
for her nephew dylan.
and this subway poster for her nephew J's subway themed birthday party. i want!

local products rule.

getting local products always makes my heart happy. uhm, especially when they're free - like these three.
my bestie bianca's famous choc chip cookies. yes, she's the one who made all yuara's pinatas. i still don't understand why she hasn't started her own blog yet. sigh.
fabric covered buttons by khama khama. they're so cute, i don't have the heart to use any of them.
toddler tee by babyfeits. yep, it has that hidden little mustache that yuara's crazy of. he doesn't stop flipping his tee to show off the mustache under his nose. i must say it's a pretty darn good idea! oh one more thing, you can also plant the label and it'll grow. wow.
i looove vintage canvas suitcase, don't you? this one here is by youthdew. it fits my laptop perfectly.
i also stopped by brightspot market, and brought home these - cotton ink top, skelly glasses for the husband, and bliss suede boys moccasins for the champ. don't they make you wanna shop shop shop this weekend?

Friday, December 2, 2011

keeping the kid entertained.

is never easy, especially if your kid is like mine who can only be still when asleep. even then, he usually wakes up every two hours - just like when he was still a baby. so yes, he does sleep in his own room now but only for two hours! when he wakes up in the middle of the night, he would walk into our room and crawl onto our bed. my oh my, we would have to come up with other sleeping arrangement once the baby is here. tell me, how is yours? am reaaally curious.
anyway, these among other things are what we do at home to put a smile on the champ's face. he always loves painting, playing with doughs, and story time (oh, thank god for those sticker books!) but i can never get him into coloring, he just gets bored easily. eventhough this pregnancy takes most of my energy (i still have the headache and nausea coming in my fifth month), am trying my best to make most of our quality time together. after all, in four more months there'll be four of us! hence the lack of posts, but am sure you understand. have a lovely weekend :))


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