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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

DIY kids activity at home #1

as promised, this week i will be posting about simple home projects you can instantly make to keep the kid busy and entertained during holiday season. our first project was felt characters!
it all started when yuara found these googly eyes i'd been saving for rainy days. he insisted that we should make a happy face, so we did. one thing led to another, we ended up getting a boy and his dog. you just have to cut some felt or leftover fabric in several shapes and let the kid glue them altogether, no sewing needed! easy peasy lemon squeezy, we'll be back with more activities :D


  1. ya baeknya liburan sekolah gini ngerjain yang bermanfaat.

  2. tottaly cute ^^ so much fun with mom amesh and little yauara



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