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disney pixars up wedding.

my old best friend contacted me yesterday, she's going to be married and am really happy for her. she had one request though, she wanted me to do the decor. i instantly panicked! she had so much faith in me that i didn't have for myself it touches me. so i sent her a few links to find out what she would like, one of them is this wedding. i have it in my folder for quite some time - a wedding inspired by disney pixars UP movie, found via wedding chicks. i have always loved disney and pixars combo, and to have them translated in a wedding is priceless. just perfect, isn't it? colorful balloons, pale yellow house, grape soda pins, hand-printed mail box, picnic, oh my. don't forget to take a peek at UP engagement shoot here. now, i don't know if i have the guts to throw a wedding, but am quite sure this theme could also be applied in regular parties. heck, i want one!

DIY felted silhouette.

i know am nowhere near a good blogger this month, i must admit i got a little too carried away with work and life lately. so am paying it back today, this easy (yet pretty) tutorial was made especially for you!

like always, the steps here quite explain themselves, don't you think? for the silhouette tute, please click here but at the end, trace your silhouette onto felt instead of paper. sew them on some other colored felts, then you can handstitch the silhouettes to vintage hankie or just use as coasters. the possibilities are really endless! and i do think they make a fine weekend project too - so have a crafty weekend, dear you :)

our big brave boy.

oh am just so proud to see what my little boy has become. he has grown so much since january, when we first enrolled him to school. all those first days drama finally paid off i guess :P
yuara on father's day - the dresscode was what daddy wears. and eventhough the husband hardly wears a tie, i thought it would be a nice touch to do so. hence, this batik tie from sewmanics.
yuara at graduation day's performance. i was worried that the stage might scare him, but he got up there, clapped his hands, jumped, danced, and waved to the audience. ha! ha! i know i know, sometimes mothers worry too much..

latest projects + lomo for sale.

i was going to make separate posts about these (mostly were done on weekend) projects but lately time is not on my side - uhm, has it ever? anyways, these are what i'd been doing that kept me from posting :P
gift boxes for our president SBY and crew, ordered by jakarta punya! for jakarta tanpa kantong plastik campaign. everything was reusable - i combined tulle with batik as its wrap and afterwards, it can also be used as tablecloth!
patchwork picnic blanket and or tablecloth, ordered by our lovely neighbour lila. wired batik frame to hang some photos, ordered by saphirandini and ratna.

cinnamon apple bread and butter pudding, ordered by my hungry husband for breakfast.
potato stencils, well the kid didn't actually order for these but he did have a good time printing them onto white cardboard.

silhouette fans and button bobby pins, i made these for my friend ratna's surprise baby shower - prepared by her sweet husband ardhi. they're having a boy, hence the color baby blue.


bali pictures.

finally! sorry it took me soooo long to post our vacation pics. it's just that lately yuara tends to get sick more often - they all say that's what happens in your child's first year of school. but still, no likey! if only i could be ill for him instead, i'd do it in a heartbeat. i bet all of you mothers out there can feel me, eh? anyway, we had fuuuun in bali. this time we hung out much in all sort of beaches. it was oh-so-relaxing... who knew five days weren't enough for us? next time we're doing a week! yes husband, you heard it right :D
so we did another round of jenggala's paint-a-pot. the bowl was nicely done by the champ! (see my first here and our second here).
and we went to the waterbom for the very first time. quite entertaining i must say.
i felt like i could stay all day long at potato head beach club. it was heaven filled with danish furnitures!
we went to padang-padang beach as well. did you know this is where the scene of julia roberts swimming…

giveaway winner + last day bazaar.

oh, so sorry for the delay. the winners were picked randomly and blindfoldedly by the husband (as baby Y had a slight fever after our bali trip - now you know why this announcement is really late :P). anyway, the winners are: printiland (satin blouse) and nabastalya (bolero). as always, i will wait two days for both of them to claim the prizes, otherwise am picking another winner. and for those of you who don't win, i promise there'll be another guilty giveaway soon! i brought home some stuff from bali and my closet is kinda screaming right now...

if you happen to live near kemang, dreamesh living is available at palang pintu festival (kemang raya booth no F20) and today is our last day! but we're focusing on another thing today, our champ is supposed to perform at his school's graduation party. so we're hoping he would get better waking up. fingers crossed!