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quick post.

because i have sooo many things on my plate right now. not that am complaining, it's actually my fault though - to let myself relax a little bit too much over the long weekend :P anyway in times like this (when i spent most of my day in front of the laptop, doing some work), i'd like to be accompanied by these creatures from skunkboycreatures' blog and shop.i really need that sweet fawn looking prettily at me from my desk. so i could stare back at her and leave my unfinished work guilt-free. ha.

support local handmade.

i found cocomomo through a friend (thanks sally!), and i fell in love instantly. i mean, what's not to love? i adore embroidery - especially when stitched on bustiers, bags, and pillows.
lo-ve-ly. the details are simply amazing. so i decided to interview ayang cempaka (the owner) for my new living article in SPICE! magazine, starting next january 2010. again, this is a sneak peek. so don't forget to go grab a copy :)

house in progress.

it's been a while since the husband and i visited our house. and yesterday, we finally made the time. it really is so much nicer now. the last picture is the view from our front porch. can't wait to move in and spend our afternoons watching yuara rides his bicycle :)

a way to celebrate.

am feeling quite festive today. maybe it's the eid or maybe it's the husband's plan of romantic dinner for the two of us (yuara will be babysat for the very first time!). whatever it was, today was definitely time to make that pom pom wreath i've been seeing in my dreams (yes, i am that pathetic :P). but first, i had to learn to make some easy pom pom since am such a lazy crafter. and i found this simple tutorial from domestifluff, along with the pom pom flower's picture below. adorable, will also make one next time!anyway back to the main project, i gathered all the materials needed at toko maju in mayestik market then followed this easy pom pom wreath tutorial from bluebirdvintage, and tadaaa!
here, i used different sizes of pom pom to give the wreath more texture and tied a pretty lace ribbon so i can hang it from my ceiling instead of the wall. oh, am reaaaaaally happy with the result!

the illustrated life.

regularly, i write life tips and cover story for CosmoGIRL! i really enjoy doing tips and seeing how well the illustration goes with my writing. enough talking already, here's one of my many favorites! by evelline andrya, CosmoGIRL! July 2009.
and this is how it turned out. sorry about the color inconsistency. the second picture is a straight-out magazine scan.

another order.

what a lovely coincidence. apart from my batik fabrics, i received another package yesterday. from nella mareti of sibebo. i ordered these crocheted coasters to be coordinated in my next project. oh, i really can't wait!

the latest.

a lot of you (thank YOU) have been ordering my batik fabrics and they came in yesterday - with some new prints and colors. yippee! so this is how falling in love with fabrics feels like :)

oh, fabric wreath.

am thinking that these can work as chandeliers too (if you hang them correctly). so here is some addition to the previous collection. i told you i was adding more, didn't i? the felt wreath by rachel denbow. the sweater wreath by candi mandi via smile and wave.
the pom pom wreath by miss james of bleubird vintage via thompson family. am definitely definitely making one (for real, this time).

me and the boys.

this is how i like my weekend to be spent. just the three of us. oh, can't wait for the next one in 4 more days!
the picture was taken last month when yuara's hair is still long and curly. who do you think he looks like more? (me, me, me! :P)

made with heart.

fabric flowers always make my heart smile. they just do.
like the ones by emersonmade.
others by amy nieto.
maybe mine are not as good, but they warm my heart just the same. happy weekend.

i am the mad hatter.

minus the hat. but with the same passion of tea cups and saucers. the more old looking, the better. well, even better if they're customized.
so am pretty ecstatic to find the works of etsy seller ninainvorm. the rose print on the saucer reminds me of my mother's collection when i was still a kid. so it's only natural to follow her footstep and start my own (hope it's not too late, though).i found these at some local market called mayestik. they are oh-so-cheap (but oh-s0-gorgeous)! anyway, now all i have to do is take that ceramic painting lesson and draw some mini bunting banners...

don't hurt the trees.

please carve your name some place else, people.
like maybe, on this pillow by etsy seller cozyblue. or that pendant by etsy seller lisahopkins. even better than the real trees.

i was up all night.

well, half the night to be exact. covering buttons with leftover fabrics. i didn't realize how fun it turned out to be. i should've been doing this since a long time ago. and now i can't seem to stop.

yeay, free fonts.

these are my top five rubber stamp fonts.
and you can download them for free at dafont. i can't resist the temptation. so i went on and made myself one rubber stamp using the circus font (the rest is coming up soon!). love the result.the alphabetique wooden rubber stamps with ink pad was bought at aksara.

the process of getting a haircut.

this is why i don't like taking yuara for a haircut.
snip, snip, snip, went the curly hair and the smile. hope he'll get used to the idea of getting a haircut real soon (fingers crossed). oh, i miss his curls already!

our favorite polaroid shots.

i know i own my instant camera instax 200 since may, but i haven't got any favorite shot - up until today. so here is mine.
and then, there's his. on the very same day.
uhm, excuse our lack of composition. in our defense, it's really hard operating these type of cameras :P

i want something hanging from my ceiling.

i've been blog-hopping for quite some time to find the perfect DIY chandelier (the simple and easy one, that is). and i came across a few. please, enjoy :)
the polish paper chandelier own by laura normandin via design*sponge and decor8. oh glad you ask, yes it can be done!
left by laura normandin of wren handmade. top right by lena corwin. bottom right by sarah neuburger of the small object. pretty, i know!
the wedding cake chandelier by laurie cinotto via the bride's cake. it's from satin ribbons, wow.
the rock candy chandelier by laurie cinotto via once wed. precisely, yumm-ee!
the beaded chandelier by kate pruitt via design*sponge. the materials are sooo easy to find. the hanging birdcage by tamar mogendorff via lena corwin. adorable, aren't they? i can surely make one from my batik cushion covers leftover.
last but not least, the giant pom-poms and paper lanterns by ashley ann via ish & chi. will be adding more, promise! but for now, am picking one (or maybe all?)…

gimme, gimme, gimme.

i definitely want one. teak sideboard from orange and brown. i adore modern danish design, A-D-O-R-E. ehm, hope my husband gets the hint (wink!).

stack of wood blocks.

i bought my wood blocks from a small frame store for almost nothing. but i think, any old alphabet blocks will do! just glue some of your favorite photos and stack them high. that little sailor is my brother and the girl in the middle block with huge fan for her size is moi in bangkok. this lovely picture was taken by Laily Rachev for an article in CosmoGIRL! years ago.

one simple bench.

i really love a before-after project!especially when the result turned out so much nicer and simpler. i used the cafe color and added buttons to give the bench some character. as a bonus, it matches my batik print cushions too!

custom wooden dolls.

am thinking of these wooden dolls for our anniversary cupcake toppers. uber cute! custom family of three by etsy seller goosegrease. custom family of star wars by etsy seller jbfatcatstudio.

DIY green pot.

inspired by all of my kept junks (aka used bottles and old handkerchiefs), i vowed to put some to use.

so, here goes my wrapped handkerchief bottle used as a plant pot. am making one for some article over at CosmoGIRL! oh, can't wait for you to see the rest. by the way, yes, this is a sneak peek ;)

unexpected discovery.

this one fine fang necklace is on top of my accessories wish list right now. care to wrap it up as a gift for me? oh, please do. by topnotch.

click, click.

my husband gave me the fuji film instant camera instax 200 for my late birthday, but i ran out of the instant film soon after. guess what, our order of 3 film packs came today! so we tested out while my best friend came over for lunch, irwan. yep, he had the same name as my husband's.
we kept our photo booth corner for times like this :) anyway, i decided not to edit the results. i always love the polaroid taken pictures, they have this signature feel that can't be beaten by any software.

i was born in 1980.

hence, am also fond of the eighties icons - the roller skates, the big hair, the shoulder pads, and not to forget, the mix tapes. and finding them as pouches in felt? ah, the joy was certainly double. by etsy seller bravemoonman. as a bonus, also grab one of their calculator watch cuff bracelet to complete the whole look ;)


after my long long search of the printed fabric from Barbara Berrada's blog, finally..FINALLY! i bought one too. it turns out she bought them from ikea. and since there is none in indonesia (boo!), i had to buy the fialena fabric through a friend when she visited ikea singapore. oh, i can make plenty of things from this. PLENTY! nothing can beat a simple crafting pleasure :)

organizing bag.

am such a sucker for necklaces and bags. not to mention this bag for many use from kinanti.
they come in 2 sizes (large: l 25, w 11, h 17 cm and small: l 19, w 8, h 13 cm). for ordering info, please call the owners, my best friend femmy +62816989697 or gita +6281322231222. surely a must-have for girls with big bags, like moi (well, thank god i grabbed one already).