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Thursday, November 12, 2009

stack of wood blocks.

i bought my wood blocks from a small frame store for almost nothing. but i think, any old alphabet blocks will do! just glue some of your favorite photos and stack them high. that little sailor is my brother and the girl in the middle block with huge fan for her size is moi in bangkok. this lovely picture was taken by Laily Rachev for an article in CosmoGIRL! years ago.


  1. mbak amesh, i especially like this DIY project. seems easy and do-able for a super klutz like me :D oya aku tertarik pesen kain batiknya gmn caranya ya?

  2. Hi Leija! Thanks for reading my blog :D it always makes me smile reading new comments, hehehe norak ya? Boleh dong kalo mo pesen, add facebook ku aja atau kirim email ke sambil kasitau mau yang mana, nice knowing you!

  3. hehehe, aku udah sebulanan gitu deh jadi silent reader. your DIY projects are wonderful deh mbak. i like the Dots bday party, but the furniture makeovers always amaze me. blognya aku link ya?

    oya, soal kain batik, pilihan motifnya spt yg pernah ditampilin mbak di blog ini aja ya?

  4. oyaaa? senangnyaa hehehe.. makasi yaa, bole dongg di-link! yep yep, motifnya yang itu aja, aku ada 4 posting kalo gak salah deh.. bulan depan rencananya aku mo launch merek living dari bahan2 itu, siapa tau berminat ;)

  5. amesh these are so adorable! i have a project on my to-do list similar to this but with mod podge transfers!

  6. oh oh, can't wait to see yours, jaime!



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