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guilty giveaway.

before we take off to bali, i want to throw this unexpected giveaway. when i shopped for new clothes a few days ago, i knew it would mean that i have to take out some old ones - especially the ones that i bought for some time but never had the chance to wear. yep, i remember these satin blouse and mango bolero were only worn one time (was it in the fitting room?). so i thought maybe they should go to better homes where they will be loved and worn at least a dozen time! so please do me a favour and win them ;)
you know the drill. leave a comment and become a follower so i can easily deliver the good news (if you already are, thank you so so much). i will pick two winners randomly in a week's time on june 3rd. as always, the giveaway is for indonesian residents only. bonne chance a tous!

pictures from last weekend.

we went to puncak for two days, and it sure was a lot of fun! we made it to taman safari and boy, how it changed so much since the last time i went there (i was probably six at the time). they now have this baby zoo and a boom boom car ride that made my baby excited - oh do please ignore his facial expression, he was always like that trying out new things. and of course, we had to ride a horse while we were there. afterall, what's puncak without horse riding, eh? we also stopped by at rumah abia on our way home, my friend dita told me about this place. Y was ecstatic, he went straight to painting a wooden truck and played with it right after. as soon as we reached home, i did some cutting to his overgrown curls. well, i wanted him to look good for tomorrow's trip to bali :)))

tiny update.

on our tiny house. a lot has changed since my last post about the house early last year, but not that much anyway. see all the details up close late next month live on dulux inspire metro tv. oh, we're so excited!

today and next monday.

dreamesh living will be available in two different bazaars: JICC bazaar at kemang village antasari (today) and ANZA bazaar at ritz carlton kuningan (next monday).

yes, new sofas will be available for your purchase - not the kid, though. hope to see you!

my li'l painter.

it's been a while since the champ and i did an art project together, so yesterday i decided to pull out my beloved acrylic paint set from the bookshelf and go wild!
Y pointed out the colors and got their name right, then he helped himself squirting the tubes onto his brush. i drew all kind of shapes per his request so he could paint them with the colors of his choosing. oh, i so wish he enjoys painting as much as i did because it's so much FUN!

31 years ago.

i was born.

don't you think time flew too fast?

a perfect afternoon.

consists of a good tea time snack - red velvet goldmine cupcake by jollyroo.
and a nice company - gadis the owl by jumbajamba.

have a good one, you!

again, featured.

oh, i feel so honored. especially after what happened. i found out that someone (no, i won't name names here) copied my dindie wall clock. not that it's my first time, but usually it's not this obvious. the truth is i have a mixed feeling, i also feel proud that i could inspire but still a bit let-down.

sigh. anyway, my frame made it to CosmoGIRL! April 2011.
my sofa made it to Parents Guide April 2011.
my brand made it to Aquila Asia March-April 2011.

my creation for camper made it to Cosmopolitan Indonesia online and Fimela.
our backyard made it to Tabloid Rumah #211.
and our home sweet home made it to Warna Impian. so i guess some people still appreciate originality :) one more thing, please check out my shop - i have some new collections going on!

what i brought home.

from inacraft 2011: batik tunic by broken white, central park sling bag in lime by moozee bags, and bronze beaded necklace. from brightspot 2011: juliette tops in magenta and creme by cotton ink, cowhide leather wallet by voyej for the husband, checkered shirt by heyuno and science tee by cereal nation - both for the champ.

i do love good local products! so i went home and clicked all the other tenants' websites, and now am officially hooked to online shopping :D