pictures from last weekend.

we went to puncak for two days, and it sure was a lot of fun! we made it to taman safari and boy, how it changed so much since the last time i went there (i was probably six at the time). they now have this baby zoo and a boom boom car ride that made my baby excited - oh do please ignore his facial expression, he was always like that trying out new things.
and of course, we had to ride a horse while we were there. afterall, what's puncak without horse riding, eh? we also stopped by at rumah abia on our way home, my friend dita told me about this place. Y was ecstatic, he went straight to painting a wooden truck and played with it right after. as soon as we reached home, i did some cutting to his overgrown curls. well, i wanted him to look good for tomorrow's trip to bali :)))


  1. it's wonderful being able to take vacation to nice places from where you are! i'd considered visiting puncak before. and happy holidays in bali! :)

  2. yuara kriwil2 hihihi nataya ada temen :P itu lucu banget sih cukuran sembari koloran.. ijo pula! :P

  3. Oh iya!! tambah kriwil since the last birthday party. Manyunnya teuteeeeeeppp...apalagi yang lagi asyik painting tuh hehehehe

  4. amesshh..lagi liburan yaah :)
    ini kita kasih hadiah award yah, cek disini:


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