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tonight's menu.

we're having a dvd marathon night to end the last day of 2009. among piles of pop corn, i ordered tara amelz's mom's klapertaart.yum-ee. what are you doing for new year's eve?

talk about custom.

my dear friend ugit from kinanti ordered this custom pillow with initial for a gift. it's the last pillow i made this year. happy 2010!

my tin collection.

the bazaar madness has ended (for this year, at least). and now, back to the old routine of blogging (yeay!). anyway, i have this terribly soft spot for tins. that's way i had a hard time throwing away some old food cans.
i found these beauties at various places: kedaung, cemal cemil, pasar seni itb, and this small shop across aksara bookstore kemang. will surely be adding more, because the hunt never ends ;)


at la codefin kemang. today is my last day. boo.

what i will be selling.

today and tomorrow.
at la codefin kemang. gorgeous frames, dreamesh living latest collection.

batik print fabrics once more.

they have this new turquoise color that i will surely be ordering for more.
they can be yours too, you know. as usual, am just an email away ;)

another wreath.

my lovely friend ninnin ordered this pom pom wreath. and i finished it just in time before christmas time, but during my vacation (hehe, sowwy hubby!). me and my wreath, we had a hard time saying good bye.

vacation recap.

am back from bandung. oh, how i love that city. so much that our 3 days and 2 nights vacation don't seem enough. we went on a culinary tour and shopped a bit. it was fun and i want more ;) while wishing you a merry xmas, am preparing for my next bazaar on december 26th and 27th at la codefin, kemang. come see me!

off to bandung.

am so excited today. we're having our very first vacation as a family! we're planning to go to bandung, my college town, 2-3 hours from jakarta where we live. oh, i had to post this picture of me and my girls having fun at 69 back in the early 2000. i don't think i look that different :P be back before you know it (thursday december 24th, that is). happy holidays, everyone!

my debut bazaar.

wonderful experience i must say. i prepared my own DIY business cards using only some printer and sewing machine. i love how they turned out.
and this was how i displayed my cushions collection. yes, make yourself at home while buying some.

overall, am really happy with the look of our stand. looking forward to my next bazaar on december 26-27 at la codefin :)

celebrating colors.

these two are my favorites since they are so vibrant and bright.left: dung ribbon mobile. right: perse in 4 colors.

dreamesh living: on the sofa.

big day tomorrow. so here's another sneak preview of what i'll be selling at kemang madness sale, gedung graha kapital parking area (beside la codefin). the perse collection 45 cm x 45 cm. the topit collection 45 cm. and last but not least, the tigari collection 30 cm x 40 cm.

living the dream.

these three are the lovely additions to my gura collection, ready to be sold at kemang madness sale on december 19-20 at gedung graha kapital parking area (beside la codefin). i added a nice touch in the back of the frames using my customized rubber stamp. because that's how it is with dreamesh living: you're living the dream.

dreamesh living: on the table.

i think the batik covered wood blocks are perfect for the nursery shelf. would you agree with me? they too are available at kemang madness sale on december 19-20 at gedung graha kapital parking area (beside la codefin). see you there!

crocheted coasters have arrived.

just in time for my very first bazaar. these sweeties from sibebo are the perfect additions to my products.
will post about them on my cushion covers tomorrow. so exciting!

hey, pola.

gorgeousness. i found a downloadable and free poladroid program via cakies while i was visiting her blog yesterday. and i love it. here are my two favorites. our honeymoon picture which i took myself with my pocket camera in front of taj mahal, india. i adore the polaroid effect on this one.
and this is the most recent picture of yuara. i love the blend of color and also the composition. oh, you definitely should try! this way, you're not wasting those expensivo polaroid films and still have your pictures failed.

on the wall and on the table.

these batik covered frames can be hung on the wall. but they too can stand still on the table.
the frames are available at kemang madness sale on december 19-20 at gedung graha kapital parking area (beside la codefin). you like?

who needs TV?

my baby boy is sick today. so we spent our day visiting his pediatric and resting in bed. in times like this, i wish we had a fireplace and cable drawings by maisie maud broadhead.
it's much much better to stare at than the TV, don't you think?

dreamesh living: on the wall.

my products are divided into three categories. and this is one of them.a sneak preview of my wall accessories ready to be sold at kemang madness sale on december 19-20 at gedung graha kapital parking area (beside la codefin). stay tuned for more sneak previews!

the perfect new year's eve party.

is the one held by kelly of succulentlove and paige of bash-eco events. nothing beats fluffy decor and sweets. and i mean nothing. i can picture myself spending my new year's eve in this party. i might not want to come home.

i love sushi (and flowers too).

so why not have them together? oh, great idea!
i made this flower arrangement for a CosmoGIRL! article years ago. photographed by insan obi. you will only need some flowers, a sheet of nori, and wet tissues to keep the flowers fresh. it is really so much easier than making the real sushi.

dreamesh gift guide.

for her and her closet: personalized wire hanger by lilafrances via design*sponge. uhm, i wonder if my last name would fit in one wire hanger.
for him and his guitar: sterling guitar pick customized by panicmama via bleubird vintage. oh, the husband would definitely love these.
for couple and their new home: hanging lamp with circus wagon by homemadecircus via the constant gatherer. yes, you'll be saving more by giving one gift for two. and yes, this gift is welcome at my home.
hey, am not kidding.

launching of dreamesh living.

oh, am so excited to start today's post. too excited, i don't know where to begin. uhm, ihikihikihik. excuse me (getting myself together). yes uhm, i decided to launch my new shop, dreamesh living, today (fingers crossed). because three years ago, december 9th was our engagement day. so this is how i want to remember and celebrate the date :) my first bazaar will be held at kemang madness sale next week on december 19-20 at gedung graha kapital parking area (beside la codefin), along with eclectica and kinanti. i will be selling cushion covers, frames, and wall accessories (products images and a proper online store are coming soon, promise). so please do stay tuned and wish me luck!

merry christmas.

this sweet little deer wants to wish you a happy get the same simplified image go to martha stewart's glitter painting. don't forget to print yours and start glittering!

top five wishlist of the month.

5. any chair from bokja design. 4. cute shaped side table from oomph. 3. silk cushion cover from ferm living.
2. hand embroidered geometry art necklace from spinthread.
1. sold-out juno tee (as seen on tara's blog) from subtitle.
ah, am loving mustard yellow this month.

my very own hair piece.

another weakness of mine when it comes to accessories: lovely hair piece. i ordered this lace one from tara amelz of eclectica.
and ended up making my own from felt and covered button. i guess inspiration came and left me a peacock head band to enjoy my sunday.

saturday music video.

i don't usually post videos on my blog. but this one is an exceptional. i first saw this video clip on leija's blog but didn't pay attention (since loading a video takes so much time). Couple of days ago, my friend slash my book illustrator ykha amelz put it up on her facebook. it turned out that her boyfriend, joey christian, directed the shoot. Dewi Sandra - Aku baik-baik saja from joey christian on Vimeo. am not really a fan of dewi sandra, but i gave her and joey two thumbs up for the fun video! it really makes me want to spend more time in ancol. dear husband, you did promise me sea world and segarra, didn't you? i don't forget, you know.

desk makeover.

remember the previous sneak peek of some project i'd been working on a while back?
well, now you can see the completed version (plus DIY tutorials) on december 2009 CosmoGIRL!. so, grab a copy!

the answer is yes.

i am addicted to making DIY cakestand. easy yet pretty. this is what we all should call an effortless beauty ;)