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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

my tin collection.

the bazaar madness has ended (for this year, at least). and now, back to the old routine of blogging (yeay!). anyway, i have this terribly soft spot for tins. that's way i had a hard time throwing away some old food cans.

i found these beauties at various places: kedaung, cemal cemil, pasar seni itb, and this small shop across aksara bookstore kemang. will surely be adding more, because the hunt never ends ;)


  1. I love your tin colanders. I'm envious!

  2. Mesh, kenalin rantang idamanku:
    Ngeliat ini langsung kebayang ngajak baby-H piknik di tengah taman ijo *I wish* but seriously, I dont think work will ever be boring anymore when I have these with me, yah yah?!

  3. bordeaux, you always have all the nicest things to say :)
    bundanyahanna, am definitely suggesting you to splurge on those. terus ajak yuara piknik yaa!


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