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simple pleasure.

mine would be watching my kids grow. yes, as simple as that :)
i hope you can also be pleased with simple things too, like some winner's announcement perhaps? five of you will be getting a carrefour gift voucher of 100,000 each and they are: shasha, iip_chuby, tifa pascariyanti, mie-arsi, and safina hakim (picked randomly by the champ). i will wait two days for them to claim the prize, otherwise am picking another winner. and for those of you who don't win, there'll be another sponsor giveaway next month. so, see ya!

wooden spoon family.

remember my post about spoon drawing for kids activity? some people really took it up a notch and made masterpieces. am talking about damayanti ika who drew these wooden spoons for us.

aren't they amazing? i think they look exactly like us! check out her blog, she also makes lovely batik patterns. enjoy.

happy friday.

well, not that happy when you and your two kids (one is still a baby) are sick and will have to spend the weekend in bed. but still, tomorrow is weekend already!
i spent this week making pennant banners for a custom order, sending yuara to father's day at school and listening to kutri coo-ing. life is definitely good when you're having fun :)

sponsor giveaway: carrefour.

i've been doing my grocery shopping at carrefour for quite some time now, but i only found out that they also have a blog called bunda carrefour. so i spent my saturday browsing their blog (and decided to try on their homemade pizza), my sunday shopping for its ingredients, and my monday cooking the recipe. oh yes, am slow like that ha ha! i substituted the regular dough with the mini ones to get yuara eat by himself. and it worked! i altered the recipe a bit more, i didn't use any meat in our pizzas because i wanted them to be light for our tea time menu. and the result was yummy - the boys love it for its flavour and i for its simplicity. if only i bake, i would definitely try their red velvet cupcake or rainbow cupcake recipe too!

and here comes the good part! carrefour is giving away 5 gift vouchers each worth Rp100.000,- for the five of you. this is what you need to do:
1. visit and read their articles
2. leave a comment here answering to my ques…

new eyecandy.

wood&faulk. i spent hours browsing their blog and gathered tons of inspiration.
speaking of which, i have so many ideas going around in my head lately but never seem to find the time to make them come true. guess am just too busy with my baby girl, will post her recent pics real soon! hope you have a great weekend ahead, i have a huge surprise on monday: a sponsor giveaway. worth to wait i tell ya!

local handmade gifts.

i love getting gifts - because they're sooo much better than shopping, ha! and this year for my birthday, almost all of my presents are local handmade goodies. me likey!

celosia cristata series by tulisan (toy box from cousin sinta, tote bag from my brother, and pouch from the husband). chrysant clutch by berries from the owner herself, evi. indonesian rantang by jenggala from my buddy abram. and beautiful frame by yuara for mother's day. am still smiling when i look at them :)