sponsor giveaway: carrefour.

i've been doing my grocery shopping at carrefour for quite some time now, but i only found out that they also have a blog called bunda carrefour. so i spent my saturday browsing their blog (and decided to try on their homemade pizza), my sunday shopping for its ingredients, and my monday cooking the recipe. oh yes, am slow like that ha ha! i substituted the regular dough with the mini ones to get yuara eat by himself. and it worked! i altered the recipe a bit more, i didn't use any meat in our pizzas because i wanted them to be light for our tea time menu. and the result was yummy - the boys love it for its flavour and i for its simplicity. if only i bake, i would definitely try their red velvet cupcake or rainbow cupcake recipe too!

and here comes the good part! carrefour is giving away 5 gift vouchers each worth Rp100.000,- for the five of you. this is what you need to do:
1. visit www.carrefour.co.id/bunda and read their articles
2. leave a comment here answering to my question, what do you want to see more on bunda's blog?
3. like bunda carrefour's fanpage over at www.facebook.com/bundacarrefour
don't forget, do become my follower so i can easily deliver the good news in 10 days time on june 21st. as always, the giveaway is for indonesian residents only. the prizes can be picked up at the nearest Carrefour in your city. i hope you (times five) win!


  1. 1.done
    2.tentang kerajinan tangan yg simpel u/ ibu rumah tangga yg tidak bekerja supaya mereka ad kegiatan yg bermanfaat dan menghasilkan :)
    3.done,,klo syifa bs menang dapetin GA ini pasti seneeng bgtt jgn lupa ya mba klo aq menang kirm info aj ke email aku di : iip_chuby@yahoo.com #hihihi PD.com , berharap itu boleeh kaan ^_^

  2. 1. done :)
    2. I want to see more DIY and recipes :)
    3. FB: Natasha Laurensia
    GFC Follower as Shasha
    Thank you~

  3. 1 n 3 : Done !
    2 --> Tentang pengaturan keuangan rumah tangga dan trik-trik menyiasati banyaknya pengeluaran. Pasti berguna bangettt !!!

    Jadi follower, udah dari duluuu..abisnya blognya lucu n isinya kreatif2 bgt. Pas buat ibu2 muda :)

    Thanks :D *semoga menang ...

  4. 1.done
    2.tentang resep makanan bcoz hobi makan
    3.FB:orion zee

  5. Halo mbak amesh ^^
    pizzanya keliatan delicious deh hihihi jadi pengen kan~
    1. visit www.carrefour.co.id/bunda and read their articles (done)
    2. I want to see about interior design karena aku suka make over kamar jadi sekiranya aku perlu bantuan inspirasi dari bunda's blog deh :)
    3. like bunda carrefour's fanpage (done)
    thanks for this chance, mbak amesh :)
    keep on smiling :)

  6. haloo kak :D
    aku ikutan yaa :)
    1. udah dilakuin, aku suka artikel resep2nyaa :9
    2. aku pengen ada artikel tentang handmade, entah barang2 daur ulang atau barang2 baruu. aku lagi mau nyari inspirasi soalnyaa :3
    sekalian artikel ttg yang berbau design dong, entah yg interior atau eksterior :)
    3. like : done! as RUSYDINA TAMIMI

    thank you :))

  7. 1. done
    2. more diy about craft or fashion
    3. done, as Nila Kussriani
    GFC: Nila Kussriani



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