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too much love.

will make you want to keep things, instead of sell them. well, that's how i feel right now with this new patchwork frame of mine.

who's the prettiest of them all?

and the answer would be.. this mirror on the wall. by dreamesh living.

scrap collector.

i like to bring home things that make my husband ask, "and what is that for?" i usually don't have the answer but persist to adopt them to our house.
i found the brown bottles at some random bazaar (kemang) and antique market (jl. surabaya). i just know these two won't let us down. and yes of course, i thank him for letting me do what i do ;)

simply irresistible.

i don't know why, but i can never resist some bird shaped pillows. and i mean never.
stuffed bird in a cage by pinot and dita.
handmade owl by puri of ideku handmade. find her tutorial here. oh goody, more weekend projects!

a place i call home.

is the one that has some craft room with its DIY fabric storage. just like jaime's of prudent baby. hear me out, dear husband ;)

dear mother.

ma mere is having a birthday today. have a happy one, ibu. we love you. xoxo.

that moroccan pouf.

was not so moroccan anymore. my mom wanted to throw away this pouf we had since forever, and i came to its rescue. silly me didn't take any before picture. but the ottoman looked exactly like this - uhm, minus the mint condition. it was well damaged, the leather cover was torn to pieces.but now, tadaaa!it still has that moroccan feel - in a lot more modern way. for me, it's a perfectly renewed love.

almost there.

give us one more month. and we'll be there.

favorite things of the day.

these white rose hair pin and blue necklace from sibebo. and also the lovely washed grey batik print fabric. they put a smile on my face.

goody good news.

the new tigari collection is here.
along with the new series of frames.
and the biggest breaking news: they are available at alun-alun grand indonesia, from january 23rd - february 28th. oh, am such a proud momma :))

my future DIY projects.

oh, am feeling quite crafty today.
terai folding chair from anthropologie.
copper & teal linen cabinet from nightwood.
doily pillow by rachel denbow. find her amazingly easy tutorial here. well, i hope i have some spare time next week to actually make one. errr. maybe i'll just start as soon as all the materials are in the house. please don't ask when :P

a cupcake celebration.

yesterday, my dear friend alia sent us her famous cupcakes just in time... celebrate! dreamesh living is now available at chic mart kemang :)

yuara's first abc.

i first saw this image from my friend sheila's blog. then i notice they're everywhere! well, who can blame those mothers? i myself would like my kid to learn his first abc from this piece of art by Jennifer Ramos of MadeByGirl. incredibly cute.

just perfect.

for my next pillow collection, i will be collaborating with an old colleague of mine, anas.
seeing her works, don't you wish you can cross-stitch too?
i surely do.

handmade with love.

opening up a booth at rumah ranadi has been my best decision of this year, well so far considering 2010 is just starting. i found some old friends and new ones in just two days! too bad the garage sale ends today. boo. patchwork blanket and other lovely baby items by popcorn.
custom made swimsuits by twentyforteen.
cute little dresses by bugsydelight. and these are what i brought home. left to right: batik necklace from ayyes, ikea file holders and storage tins from some random booth, polo shirt from zkbabyshop and stylish bib from cocopop crafts. oh, i also ate a plate of delicious steak from holycow on call bbq but forgot to take some picture. sorry :(

rumah ranadi.

hey peeps, come see dreamesh living at garage sale rumah ranadi - today and tomorrow.
happy shopping and have a great weekend, everyone!

new old buffet

i know, i know, it's been too long since i last posted a before-after furniture project. but today, am back with this new old buffet i inherited from my dear mother.

i just added the dark blue paint and those knobs that look exactly like the ones they have in anthropologie, only mine were bought on our honeymoon trip to india for almost nothing. now, why did i just buy two instead of ten? that question will always be a mystery to me.

viva eclectica.

oh, tara amelz always knew how to cheer a girl up :) by giving away lovely freebies! this is mine, don't touch. speaking of giveaway, made in indonesia by karina palle is throwing one of dreamesh living's small topit for a lucky winner. be sure not to miss it!

i want a new hair piece.

today is so gloomy, i blame it on the grey sky. all the right reasons why the pink souffle hairpiece from it's ok my dear is needed. to brighten up this rainy day (well, that and to fulfill a girl's need to splurge, of course).

just for you, dear son.

a simple DIY pillow to sleep on. in this fantastic magis cardboard playhouse, villa julia, designed by spanish designer javier mariscal. don't worry kid, am definitely making your old man make one.

what keeps me motivated.

a promise from the husband. well, sort of. he sent me this video a couple days back.

and i found this piece of art by katie gariepy today via poppytalk.

coincidence? i don't think so. more like destiny, no?

don't miss.

the latest collection of tigari. available at today's bazaar art and design at grand kemang hotel. see you there!

surprise, surprise.

remember the great reviews from lia's space of thoughts and made in indonesia by karina palle? well, today am featured on one of our national newspapers, republika page A6. oh, my folks would be so proud - thanks to susie evidia :)

wait here.

because i have something to show you tomorrow. in the mean time, i hope this doormat from unkl347 would suffice your curiousity.

sweet prudent baby.

have you read about this DIY blog for babies by Prudent Baby? well, you should. not only that they have these wonderful ideas of recycling, my idea was also included on their latest post (yeay!).
and another one on their previous post, back in september 2009. oh, i can't thank you enough jamie and jacinda. xoxo.

kinanti's official blog.

i've been getting some questions about kinanti products for quite some time now, given the review i post about their handmade taraptie bag organizer. well, good news! now they have their own blog so you could see their latest invention: netjes beauty box.
but of course it's only natural for me to fill mine with sewing kits instead of beauty products ;)

i heart scrappy stuff.

since i have too many scraps from all those dreamesh living pillows and frames, any kind of scrappy project grabbed my attention - especially this one!
lia of lia's space of thought made it look like it was such an easy project. i hope that's true :P find her free tutorial here and happy crafting!

another day, another bazaar.

dreamesh living is joining bazaar art and design at grand kemang hotel on january 6th and 10th. am adding my latest collection of frames and pillows.
by the way, my work is also featured on karina palle's blog (thanks, love!). come see me - offline and online :)

january bear.

so much creativity, yet so little time.
this month, am putting on my handy pants and getting to work creatively. productivity, here i come! for starter, come see my work featured on lia's space of thoughts, thanks a bunch lia and happy anniversary :)

new year, new home, new life.

our house is finally finished and officially ours.
can't wait to move in and decorate our new life together (sounds exactly like kinanti's tagline). oh, we're just so grateful to be living our dream!

the latest evolution of my business cards.

as it turned out am not satisfied with the old handmade business cards. so i added a simple finishing touch: some round shaped felts. much much better. don't you think?

wouldn't it be nice.

to have your new year's resolution embroidered on some fabric letters? just like these love letter and mobile letters from amy adams of lucykatecrafts.