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Sunday, January 17, 2010

handmade with love.

opening up a booth at rumah ranadi has been my best decision of this year, well so far considering 2010 is just starting. i found some old friends and new ones in just two days! too bad the garage sale ends today. boo.
patchwork blanket and other lovely baby items by popcorn.
custom made swimsuits by twentyforteen.
cute little dresses by bugsydelight. and these are what i brought home.

left to right: batik necklace from ayyes, ikea file holders and storage tins from some random booth, polo shirt from zkbabyshop and stylish bib from cocopop crafts. oh, i also ate a plate of delicious steak from holycow on call bbq but forgot to take some picture. sorry :(


  1. love ur blog! thanks for the review, for more info u could check us out at
    many thanks!

    --febie saka on behalf of cocopop crafts

  2. arghghghghghghgh I wish I was able to attend :( bagusnaaaaaa

  3. me. want. all!
    thanks for reviewing! :)



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