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DIY: Student Card Photo Prop

When decorating for themed parties, I always try to make the photo-booth as inviting as possible. One of my ideas to this was to create student cards to add to the photo-booth props for that extra fun! Of course, this particular prop should be in line to the main theme – like what I created for the Monster University Party and the 25 years reunion party for Trisakti University.

Student Card for 25 years Reunion Trisakti University 

                          Student card and details at The Monster University Party!

If you think your party might need a face peekin’ here and there, student card or the similar, here’s the tutorial!

What you need:
A design, a print, a large sheet of styrofoam, glue, cutter.

How to make:
1.    Prepare your design of the card along with the square where the photo is usually placed. You can use illustration softwares if you are familiar to it, or draw it yourself. Any design you like!
2.    Enlarge your design to around 60 cm in length and 40 cm in width (A…

My Activity Room Project

I was invited by Scotch® Tape to challenge myself on how I could use their exciting range of Scotch® Expressions Tape to decorate and be extra creative. I’m telling you, it’s not that hard if you are handed with such pretty fun washi tapes to play around with. Here’s my kind of crafting and ideas on how I used them!


Revamp your boring everyday 'gadget' (at least for us, mommies). Scotch® Expressions Tape makes my washing machine look so much better! Don't you think? Waiting for my washing to be done won’t be that dull at all.


Make the upcoming religious celebration extraordinary. Why use the usual ingredient if you can use Scotch® Expressions Tape? Take a look at my version of weaved ketupat this year!


I always let my children think out of the box. Today, they decided to make their dolls feel better by decorating bandages with Scotch® Expressions Tape and stick one to its forehead. Cuteness overload!


Who dare says our culture is boring? Never! Try making Wayang wit…

Personalized Silhouettes…

… printed on our dreamesh LIVING’s bags. Order yours now!

All you need to do is go to to choose your bag. Once you have placed your order, send us a portrait facing the side of the person’s silhouette you want to print. How more personal can it get? Do e-mail us for price.

Watermelon Galore

There’s something about watermelons… they are fresh, bright and fun to play with. At least for me! But look at these pictures, don’t you agree?

(foto)@ador.alby asked me to decorate their booth for the @marketmuseum at Kemang Village a few months ago. Their theme was Tropical Runway, so I immediately thought about a giant watermelon slice which would fit perfectly. I decorated the giant watermelon slice with pastel-colored dipped pineapples too. Tropical and cute all at the same time!

Here’s a quick DIY how to make the giant watermelon slice that can function as a pinata too!

What you need: large cardboard boxes, poster paint, tape.

How to make:
1.    Draw and cut out your slice of watermelon the size you want. Make sure to make two sides for the front and back.
2.    Now, cut long pieces of cardboard with a width of 15cm for the sides and bottom.
3.    Attach the sides to the front and back pieces and seal with glue gun.
4.    Paint the watermelon with the color of your choice. I painted m…

DIY: Felt Necklace

Here’s a little tutorial for the felt necklaces we made a long while back. I hosted a little workshop for the kids at Yuara’s school to give to their moms for Mother’s Day. It’s an easy project for the little hands, no need for too much fuss and can mean a lot for whoever they make it for. Why not try?

What you need:  Thick cord string in any color you choose (mine is this braided strips of shirts I found at the local market), felt sheets in different colors, craft glue.

How to make:
1.    Cut your string in the length you want. Some kids made extra long necklaces. Note: the longer the necklace the more space you get to decorate with.
2.    Start cutting out shapes you want to place on your necklace. It can be a circle, square, rectangle, etc. Note that the shapes will be folded in two when attached to the cord string. So a circle will look half circle, a square will look rectangle and a rectangle will be more like a square.
3.    Cut a pair for each shape you choose to place symmetrical…