DIY: Student Card Photo Prop

When decorating for themed parties, I always try to make the photo-booth as inviting as possible. One of my ideas to this was to create student cards to add to the photo-booth props for that extra fun! Of course, this particular prop should be in line to the main theme – like what I created for the Monster University Party and the 25 years reunion party for Trisakti University.

                            Student Card for 25 years Reunion Trisakti University 

                          Student card and details at The Monster University Party!

If you think your party might need a face peekin’ here and there, student card or the similar, here’s the tutorial!

What you need:
A design, a print, a large sheet of styrofoam, glue, cutter.

How to make:
1.    Prepare your design of the card along with the square where the photo is usually placed. You can use illustration softwares if you are familiar to it, or draw it yourself. Any design you like!
2.    Enlarge your design to around 60 cm in length and 40 cm in width (A2 size) and print.  Any printing office should do the job.
3.    Glue your large card on the styrofoam, then cut around the cards’ edges until smooth and neat.
4.    Using a cutter, cut through the photo space for people’s face to show through. Make sure it’s done neatly too for the prefect result… and you’re done!



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