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i always love a simple project. well, who doesn't? so when i came across this deer head by natalie of love, natalie (see her blog and her shop) inspired by theresa gonzalez and nicole smith of craftstylish in their book dorm decor, the bubble light popped in my head.
uhm, of course i'll do one when i have the time :P

happy monday.

so how was your weekend? mine definitely had its ups and downs. the highlight of my weekend involved two things: ke;kun bazaar and kings of convenience concert. well, the first one went great - i came home with almost nothing. which is a good thing, thank YOU for buying most of my products. but boo, we didn't get to watch kings of convenience. the concert started out so late, we only watched until white shoes and the couples' performance and had to head home as my little one couldn't get to sleep without moi. ah, the joy of motherhood. and nothing beats that - not even you, erlend oh mighty oye.
but i can still put my son to bed while looking at our picture, right? the picture was photoshopped by CosmoGIRL! art staff a couple years back - phew, thank god for that!

who wants cupcake in a jar?

you're kidding me, of course i do! ever since i laid eyes on ruby ellen's red velvet cupcakes in jars for her best friends's bridal shower, i've been searching for the exact same recipe. well, lucky me as she decided to share hers. thanks ruby! oh, don't they seem sooo easy to make? well, i could only hope so since am not a good baker. at all. but for these, i'd try to be one.

at ke;kun kemang.

am having another bazaar today. and these are my new collection which will be waiting for you. so happy shopping and have a wonderful weekend, everyone :)

doilies chair.

especially the metal folding ones from index in mustard. to match our retro dining table.
and of course, in aqua. i had to buy those in this color just in case we have more visitors. or whatever. i mean, aqua chairs? you just have to own some.
and maybe the real doilies chair, a ready to assemble magali jeambrun design for ETC creations, found via chic-cityrats. in the future. a near one, i hope.

i scored.

big time. oh, look what i've found in the fabric market. top left: flower sketch. top right: yummy candy corn. bottom left: tropical leaves. bottom right: red toile. am a lucky lucky girl.

one fine inspiration.

for those of you who never heard of little green notebook, you've been missing out so much. seriously. this blog never stops to amaze me. jenny of pearl street interiors is a real talent.
seeing her works make me want to adapt or simply clone her. yes, i would do that. in a heartbeat. her taste is just impeccable.
she also offers some awesome picks, like the last giveaway she threw: the monogrammed plates from la plates. i always love customized items, so am eyeing these lots. and maybe someday, they'll be mine (fingers crossed).

the little ones.

pouns the batik poufs are very much loved as they are all sold out. thanks to you. available now, kids pouns. use them as seats or tables for the little ones.

yuara and his new cars.

just recently, i received a surprise package from puri of ideku handmade. this portable play pouch filled with fabric stuffed cars, patchwork garages, and felted scenery. isn't she sweet and thoughtful? i really can't thank her enough. just look at that busy little kid of mine :)


yes, i know it's only march but i can't help thinking about yuara's next birthday party. in october. anyway, ever since the previous dots party, am thinking pirate for the second one.
i fell in love with the pirate partyware by meri meri shop found via decor8.
now i only have to incorporate these already bought customized pencils by oriental trading found via poppytalk aka future goodie bags into the pirate theme. yippee! i have an idea already ;)

bridesmaids attire.

i had lots of bridesmaids on my wedding day - the result for living with over 20 other girls in my bandung dorm back in the late 90s. i love them dearly and i want them to look good on my very special day, so i picked black laces and dusty pink taffetas for the girls to wear. but when i saw these bridesmaids dresses for tamie and adam's wedding by mint photography via once wed, my heart melted. so i promise you girls, if we're ever going to renew our vows, these dresses are what you'll be wearing. hope our friendship will last a lifetime!

totally frilly.

since anthropologie is now shipping to indonesia (based on sibebo's post, thanks girl), i browse at their page more often than necessary. and every time i go there, i drool over these frilly shower curtains.smoldering hues shower curtain.flamenco shower curtain. and wait there's more! as i googled them, i found something else: a DIY tutorial from kerri of cute little disaster, found via craft gossip. i know i know, you're very welcome :)

looking forward to the weekend.

and to togetherness. a couple of weeks ago we went to sea world. and segarra, a cafe by ancol's beach. yuara was truly ecstatic. driving all the way from bintaro was worth it.

i have my eyes on you.

yes you, you little white corner cabinet. am so inviting you to our home so you could live with us.
from the home of hannah berman via design*sponge.

i went to brightspot market.

and i liked it. a lot. i visited booths of my longtime friend dana maulana of danjyo & hiyoji fashion line. and also my dear friend ara nizar's sister, zinnia of amami cakes & cookies.
not to forget some random creative stand called heyday that sells stools made from cloth hangers.
it was such a good time. good quality time. as i went home bringing additional members to our growing family.
shawls from cotton ink and spices rack from silla home (the owner turns out to be my distant cousin's girlfriend). all in all, our weekend was grrreat! how was yours?

kavi indonesia.

a month (or so) ago, i received an order from kavita. she also offered me to supply her online store, kavi indonesia. i thought to myself, why not?
so here they are: her order (top) and my collection on her online store (bottom). happy shopping, everyone!

so this is how it feels.

to be featured in a glossy magazine! i wrote for many magazines, i forgot how it feels to be featured in one.
dreamesh living is in livingetc indonesia magazine march-april 2010 (now in stores). yeayness big time!