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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

i scored.

big time. oh, look what i've found in the fabric market.
top left: flower sketch. top right: yummy candy corn. bottom left: tropical leaves. bottom right: red toile. am a lucky lucky girl.


  1. ya amplop, yg pojok kanan bawah... cantiknya...
    mbak, aku masih menunggu frame-framenya hihi. dan aku juga mau pesen bantal :)

  2. keren yang pojok kanan bawah! *droool*

  3. *ngilerrrr*
    cantik2 smuwaaaaa ^^
    Amesh beli dimana?

    oiya, brosnya dah aq trima, tq
    I like :D
    I've blogged about it too ;)


  4. iya mesh .. kamu beruntung sekaliii ...., apakah salah satunya mau dijadikan camera strap .. ;-) hehhee

  5. yang pojok kanan bawah kereeeeen.. :)

  6. MESHHHH GUA MAUUUUUUUU udah lo abisin smua yah!!!!!! hoki darimana iniiiiiiiii!!!! aiiihhh so wonderful :)

  7. mbak ameshh!! percaya ngga, aku pernah beli rok di garage sale..muraahhhhh bgt! motifnya yg pojok kanan bawah.. tp warnanya hitam putih..
    bahannya agak tebel..

  8. Oh I love the toile and the leaves, stunning pieces of fabric. And speaking of fabric, my mom gave me a great idea for the piece you sent me. I'm going to hang it on a wall in our apartment when we move to Taiwan later this year. I don't want to cut it, too pretty. So it will become a beautiful focus point maybe in the living room. Can't wait!

  9. @bordeaux: oh that's a great idea! please do send me pictures :)



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