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sewing lesson #3

the fabric lunch bag. am not an expert in sewing, but i can say this project is an easy and quick one. unlike my previous project that needed four hours to make, this one only took approximately 1,5 hours or maybe less if i didn't have trouble with the machine. and with 1 hour left, i made yuara a pillow case to sleep on. uhm, talk about being productive, eh? i promise to post the tutorials soon - when i have the time that is :P

what i wore last weekend.

to our besties wedding, ardhi and ratna - you see, ardhi is the husband's college buddy while ratna is my childhood friend. yep, the world is indeed too small. congrats you two! since peach is my favorite color of all time, i decided to go all peach. the necklace is a belated birthday gift from my brother's girlfriend (totally worth the wait, hee hee), the fabric flower is a purchase from sibebo (will surely be getting others!), and the kid is mine :P

i have a thing.

for russian matryoshka dolls. and my brother's girlfriend knew it, see here. anyway, that's the reason why am extremely excited to find babalisme's downloadable works - here and here. nicely done!
for now, these will have to suffice. but if any of you were ever going to russia, please think of me ;)

summer batik.

my batik order came yesterday. this time, i didn't ask for any specific pattern as if to say, 'oh please, surprise me!'
and i was pretty much surprised. the colors are pastel soft and i particularly love the yellow batik pattern. they made (and still make) my day! if interested, am just an email away.

eye candy.

ever since i saw this post about pedlars travel bags over at oh joy!, i can't seem to take my eyes nor my mind off them.
could they be my next sewing project? hmmm, interesting.

sewing lesson #2.

i've been taking sewing lesson at home. lesson #1 was all about getting to know my sewing machine and making patterns. two days ago, came lesson #2: showtime! i've been wanting to try sewing this crafter's apron for like, ever. so i used the pocket's pattern from martha stewart and modified a few things.
please don't take a closer look. the stitchings are still far from perfect. but i must say am pretty happy with the result. my teacher said it was a real nice work for someone's first attempt. i know she's just saying it, but who cares? :P

to entertain our little boy.

i've been wanting to paint one wall in our house with chalkboard paint. there was one in ace hardware but it is now discontinued. aaargh. thankfully, angki of and the story goes.. answered my email asking what type of paint she used on her kitchen wall. just in case you're wondering it's doff black mowilex. cheap and easy to get.
we are spoiling him to bits when it comes to drawing and reading - the champ used to color the wall and the door with his favorite crayon! i guess it's only natural to paint half down of our dining room AND tv room so yuara can draw anywhere he wants. oh, you should see the big smile plastered on his face while doodling (no worries, the chalks are dust free) - priceless!

super late june bear.

my life has been crazy with overload works lately. but good crazy though, always good when it comes to more jobs, right? ca-ching! anyway, check one of them here on mommies daily. although am juggling with lotsa things right now, i can't seem to take my mind off toy story 3 (released this month). i've been a fan since their first movie and i can't wait to watch the newest with our little boy. now, the question is: how old should a kid be when you first take them to the cinema? would really appreciate your answer, thanks.

told ya.

i do get bored easy. especially when it comes to light colored furniture that's been violently abused by our little champ. yuara loooves rubbing his dirty hands and mouth (from eating lunch to dinner) on our beloved cafe colored bench. hence the need of fabric change. i opted this far-from-expensive modern print fabric so i don't have to wince every time Y climbs up the bench. see it before here. and after. i added some black lining (to match my mom's reupholstered side lamp, placed across) and took away the buttons - Y was always tempted to pull them off. i personally think our bench looks a lot younger and more fun!

what's new.

these are :)
tigari, topit, and perse (which comes in slightly bigger size).
hok the key hanger and mirra the mirror. custom pouns. round ones are for gaby, while the squares (w 60 x l 60x h 30) are lindy's. mini guras for jaden's goody bags, ordered by sheren.

a compatible match.

another find at the local market: victorian coffee mugs with lids.
i think they go perfectly well when placed on top of this gold drawer by helloilmare (also local!).

stripes for ceiling.

yes, please. i vowed to make it happen in our temporary bedroom ever since i saw this. and now it came true. oh, i've been falling asleep smiling these last couple of days :)

green festival.

hi! we're here at go green festival kuningan village for these last two days - along with berries and ideku handmade.
hope to see you today :)

this is my way.

of spoiling myself. i went blog hopping and found this vintage pin cushion set over at table calender. thus began the online shopping.
they arrived a couple days ago. fiona was really nice to send along extra laces from her collection, thanks!

how rude of me.

i haven't shown you what the husband gave me for my birthday.
tadaaa. a portable sewing machine plus a home decorating book. yeah, nothing's wrong with dropping too many hints ;)