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dreamesh floral arrangements

If you haven’t noticed already, dreamesh décor loves flowers. I love flowers! It's my middle name!  Whether to add or not to add flowers to a decoration, of course depends on the event. The more formal the event, the more it suits to use flowers. However, you can use flowers to any kind of event you want. If it goes, why not?!
Hydrangea - Succulent centerpiece I love finding the right combination of florals and greens that tie together and add prettiness to my décor. Whether it a wedding, table décor, or other event, playing with flower decoration is always challenging and I love challenges so it is rather more fun than daunting.

Is it tricky to make a floral arrangement?  So – so I must say. Experimenting with all kinds of plants and flowers help to get the groove. And it really depends on the theme of the event. A rustic themed event would do just fine with twigs and a few leaves. Sometimes as simple as succulents also does the trick.  Other times, more flowers to leaves or the o…

Our France Trip

It has always been a dream to bring my kids to the land I was born in. Visiting France with my little family has always been on my bucket list, so when the timing was right we went straight ahead and booked tickets. Although this was one of the longest flights for the kids, they proved us they were pros - making us very proud (and relieved) parents! This trip was extra special since we celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary right there in the city of lights.
Here are some photos of the whole trip if you would like to see. Due to the many photos we took, I will break down the photos according to the sights, food, and street photos. Do enjoy!


Disneyland Paris
The happiest place on earth! Traveling with the kids meant there was no way we could pass Disneyland, right?!

Muséum National d'Histoire Naturelle
The natural history museum was awesome! Of course the kids enjoyed the dinosour skeletons and everything in between. It was a great educational visit for the kids.

Museé Du Louv…