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fall festival at school.

i realize now as am posting this, i should've made a crown tutorial as well. but i swear it's really easy, i found the free patterns for crown and leaves laying around on the internet. but i used my own design using yo-yos and handstitched everything just because am not really good with machine :D

the parents at yuara's school are somewhat creative i must say, almost every kid wore a fall costume that was different than any other. love, love, love! what can i say, fall is my favorite season - the colors are so pretty!

aren't i ready.

for inacraft 2012 next month? i surely hope so. i was inspired by images i see on the internet but altered them to my liking. am not sure if i should add these to my shop or simply make them for inacraft's purpose only. well, we'll see :)

my weekend.

was pretty productive for some girl with a huge belly. it's been a while since i wanted to do something similar but different to my house pillow from last year collection. and finally i came up with this birdcage pillow. will update it to my shop pretty soon. hope you all had a fab weekend :)