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Sunday, October 25, 2015

DIY Doodle Clock

Telling the time is much more fun when you read from a clock made by yourself! Yep, exactly like what the kids and I did at the DIY Doodle Clock workshop at Club Kembang a few weeks back.

It was Club Kembang’s first birthday and I hosted a free DIY Doodle Clock workshop for kids aged 8-12 years old. It was great to see the enthusiasm of the kids and how lovely their clocks turned out. I was one very proud teacher that day, I tell ya!

Don’t worry if you missed out that day, coz you can make your own if you like. Here are the steps to replicate my Doodle House Clock!

What you need:
-    1 small square wooden board with roof top part
-    Paints and black marker
-    Clock machine and hands

How to make:
1.    Draw a circle in the center of the wooden board making sure the diameter is bigger than the length of the long hand of your clock. The center of the circle is where you will attach the hands and machine of the clock.
2.    For the base color, paint everything in white – incuding the roof. 
3.    Attach some dot stickers before painting for the second time. This way, when the paint is dry, you can take off those stickers and your board will look all dotty! You can do this with masking tape as well, leaving the stripe marks afterwards.
4.    Paint the second layer in any color you like! Don’t forget to leave some space in white paint shaping like windows, doors, or maybe fences. Then, wait to dry. 
5.    Doodle the numbers, or dots, or stars, or anything at all, around the circle to mark how you can tell the time. Then, decorate everything else with your drawings, since it is a doodle clock. I drew windows and doors and added a fence and some flowers with a black marker. Be creative, whatever you choose to make it pretty!
6.    Lastly, place the clock machine and its hands steadily and put in your battery. Tick tock around the clock done!


Monday, October 5, 2015

Bento Box by dreamesh LIVING

Especially for you who are looking for a cute, unique and very useable gift (for others, and even yourself!) or goody bag, do take a look at our bento boxes.

 I first made these bento boxes for Kutri’s party goody bags. I chose the colors of Sesame Street (green, red, yellow) and its custom tag.

They make a really sturdy lunch carrier making sure that your kids’ lunch does not tip over and slide out. Better yet, you can custom order them in a color swatch you want and you can also embroidery names on them. Super cool and personalized! As usual, send us an email to make an order. Thank you!


Thursday, October 1, 2015

How To Train Your Dragon Party

It was another day decorating for an awesome party! Nala’s Viking Birthday Party was something I myself never thought of. But unquestionably I would never let my doubts turn down an idea. Rather, I would turn those doubts into inspiration that sometimes ends up further satisfying than what I thought I could do. Yes, am talking about that cardboard boat you see in the picture... So happy I took the jump!
                                                          The entrance. Welcome!
                                                              The photo booth

Other than the photo booth props, there was also a gold dragon egg piñata made from paper mache. Here’s the tutorial!

What you need:
-    A full-blown balloon in medium size
-    Newspaper
-    Sheets of gold paper
-    Glue
-    Double tape

How to make:
1.    Paper mache your balloon with newspaper. If you have never tried paper mache technique, this is how it is: cut or tear several pages of newspaper in pieces, then make a pot of glue (make the glue mixture in a comparison of 1:1 water and glue). Stick the pieces of paper onto the mold (balloon), part by part, until the whole mold is covered. Brush over the surface with lots of glue mixture and start sticking again making sure that it sticks and leaves no gaps.

2.    Give the paper mache at least a good three layers so that it won’t easily break once it is dry.

3.    Let the shell dry thoroughly and feels hard. Make a small hole at one bottom of the shell and cut the inner part (balloon) to fill with goodies.

4.    Cut the gold paper into squares and round the edges. The smaller the square the more you need, the bigger the less.
5.    Use the double tape to stick the gold squares diagonally by each other starting from the bottom moving up to the top and all around the shell.  Make sure you overlap and stick in between two squares for a nice pattern.

6.    Don’t forget to cover the hole with one of your gold squares.
7.    Hang the piñata with string before you let the egg ‘bling’ the crowd!



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