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tee corsage tutorial on fimela.

yep yep, another tute is coming your way! but since today am just too lazy for words (sore throat tends to do that everytime!), head over to fimela and find the step by step instruction. now, let us all take a good nap and wake up feeling fresh! see you soon, zzzzz...

i was working last weekend.

not the boring kind of work, but the fun one! this is a sneak little peek of my upcoming website :)
thank god for the sunny day and the smiley team (make up artist/best friend ninnin, noted photographer hadi cahyono, and baby sitter/photo documentation/brother ilend). *love*

am so ready for the weekend.

with these yellow beauties: a cute cape by lia of lia's space and a pretty pray bag by tulisan. now, since the husband is not around, am gonna ask the brother to take us out instead :D

a proper breakfast.

for the husband going umrah today. he will be gone for nine days, but am not worried since he's in good hands - my mother's that is :P anyway, this is his first experience so am hoping he has the time of his life! anyone ever went to makkah knows how big it feels to be able to actually see kabah with their own eyes. subhanallah. back to the cooking thing - uhm actually, i cheated. i used pancake mix from betty crocker, that's why they tasted oh so yumm-ee!

the winner.

is lettilicious (picked randomly by the kid). i will wait two days for lettilicious to claim the coat hanger, otherwise am picking another winner. sorry for the late announcement, the champ got sick today. so he didn't go to school nor brought the love goodies i've already made. it's okay, his health comes first as he is the #1 winner of my heart - ever since the first time i laid my eyes on him. anyway, for those of you who don't win, i promise there'll be other times. happy love day!

last-minute love pencil tutorial.

eventhough i don't celebrate valentine's day, i still think it's nice to have a day when you can appreciate other people by showing how much you love them through handmade gifts. because we are all material people at heart, ha ha ha! uhm, please ignore my evil laugh. anyway, i stole lia's idea and made these for yuara's classmates (plus teachers) instead.

a reeeally simple way to love sharing. wet kisses to all of you, smooooches!

current lust list.

i vow to have these no matter what. if not buy them, then i will make them *crossing fingers. 1. mini valentine kite by misako mimoko, found via li'l magoolie.
2. geografia blank sectional globe by notemaker, found via handmade charlotte. 3. stuffed totem pole by super ninon, found via giddy giddy.
4. kids wall hooks by giddy giddy. 5. fun kids sleepovers, found via absolutely beautiful things. hope you have a fab weekend!

inside my shopping bag.

well not literally, since they are all freebies from fellow bloggers. oh, how i love blogland! i've been wanting to buy the kid one fine abc poster, and what i got from ayang cempaka of cocomomo (framed by moi) is far better than that. yeayness!
i also received these adorable handmade robot finger puppets from junita najoan of kinderplay. how generous! thank you so so much, girls :*

i do take orders.

from wedding souvenirs to party goody bags :) for more info, e-mail me here or leave a comment so i can get back to you. bon weekend!

valentine giveaway.

in order to celebrate love day (and new collection!), am throwing a last minute giveaway just for you. this coat hanger prototype isn't going to make its way, i decided to go with a simpler design still made out of logs i found the other day, though. but of course, am not gonna throw this one away - well, not if you can catch it first ;)
before entering the giveaway, please help me. beside coats (because obviously we don't wear one around here), what else would you need a hanger for? leave your comment here and become a follower so i can easily deliver the good news (if you already are, thanks a bunch). i will pick a winner randomly by the 14th. as always, the giveaway is for indonesian residents only. break a leg!