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Friday, February 4, 2011

valentine giveaway.

in order to celebrate love day (and new collection!), am throwing a last minute giveaway just for you. this coat hanger prototype isn't going to make its way, i decided to go with a simpler design still made out of logs i found the other day, though. but of course, am not gonna throw this one away - well, not if you can catch it first ;)
before entering the giveaway, please help me. beside coats (because obviously we don't wear one around here), what else would you need a hanger for? leave your comment here and become a follower so i can easily deliver the good news (if you already are, thanks a bunch). i will pick a winner randomly by the 14th. as always, the giveaway is for indonesian residents only. break a leg!


  1. Amesh, you know other thing that needs hanger: our kid's schoolbags. Especially coz my house is not big, so hanging the schoolbags is way better than leaving them on the floor or table. Plus, kids usually have more than 1 to fit some occasion...

    BTW, I've followed you since last year... :)

  2. My necklaces! Oh c'moon...
    *aku langsung penasaran ini bikinnya gimana*

    Been follower :)


  3. this will keep my face towel dry and comfy for my face to snuggle in after facial wash :)


  4. ikutt..aku udah follow
    karena aku tinggal di Yogya dan suka naik motor sama anakku pasti akan aku pake untuk jaket kami dan yg lain adalah topi, tapi kalo bagus begitu pasti bisa jadi tambahan yg menarik utk interior ruangan :)

  5. been a follower a while ago :)
    mmm let see, we use hanger in our house mostly for bags (mine & the kids), jacket and hat too...
    hope i can win this :) thank you

  6. tas tas tas tas taaaassss :D
    juga jaket & cardigan...
    hmmmm kalo hangernya multifungsi, ide bagus tuh! ;D

  7. Am going to use it for my necklaces,t-shirt that am going to wear and my bowler hat!!Plus those hanger is an additional to make my room more prettier..

    I love Batik!

  8. Well, I'm going to use it for hang my necklaces and my bracelets. I have many necklaces and bracelets as my collection. Hang it up will make my collections looks tidy and pretty ^.^

  9. Aku udah follow ya mbak amesh :D
    Akan kupake untuk KOLEKSI KALUNGKUUUU, pasti jadi rapiii dan multi fungsi jadi bikin ciamik ruangan :*

  10. tas, scarf, topi..semuanya butuh ada di satu gantungan biar rapi, ringkas dan siap untuk diajak pergi lagi ;p

  11. Not too sure if the particular hanger would work for my idea, but basically hangers can be storage for kids toys to (very important!).
    How? Use different bags that you have, freebie bags, no-longer-pretty-or-usable-bag, whatever bag, stuff it with kiddie toys, hang. Voila!
    If you have lots of bags and hangers, you can even use the system to classify the different kind of toys.
    Hung at the right height, it will be accessible for both the adults and the kiddies.
    hang at different height, you can save the more sensitive stuff (like arts and crafts material) away from curious little hands.

    OOOO... I am so dreaming of hangers.....

  12. Hanger ? Kalau bentuknya cute begini pasti bagus buat decor kamar anakku, untuk gantung mantel-mantel anakku dan topi kecilnya
    atau untuk menggantung hasil karyanya *si abang lagi belajar meronce, jiaah.. cowo kok meronce XD*

  13. buat gantung tas..^^
    follower :)



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