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Monday, January 24, 2011

one good weekend.

my brother finally has his own xbox room by getting rid some junks in one of the unused room at our mother's house. the junks were our favorite toys and games when we were still young and innocent :p i tried to teach yuara how to match these cards and ended up playing myself.
speaking of junks, i also find these logs on our way home. there was this abandoned piece of land that we passed by almost every day and the trees there were recently cut. so we made a stop and asked politely to take home some of the logs. and they were given to us for free! i feel like telling yuara, 'that my son, is what you get for being polite.' oh, i sense another DIY logs project coming up!


  1. wah wah wah...nggak sabar tuh kayu bakal jadi apa :)

  2. Sama... penasaran tuh kayunya mau dibikin apa?



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