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Christmas 2016

Although the date has past, I still think of the end of the year as a season to be merry and jolly. Meaning, you can still leave your Xmas decorations up and add some if you wish. Here are some of the Christmas decorations I prepared last week.

Bank Victoria's Xmas Photobooth

Xmas Photobooth

Meaya's Christmas themed Birthday Lunch

Wishing you had a happy X-mas and enjoyed your time with the family!

Flamingo Party

It was a tropical day at Raikira’s party that afternoon. The birthday girl that turned one celebrated with pink flamingos and pretty hanging tissue paper decorations. Oh check out that marble cake frosting. It’s awesome!

The split leaves also worked great to enhance that tropical theme, don’t you think? Below is the tutorial for those paper tissue rosettes while you can see the tutorial for my honeycombs here (link).

DIY Tissue Paper Rosettes

What you need:
Tissue paper, scissors, stapler

How to make:
1.    For one rosette, you will need 4 sheets of tissue paper. Start with two sheets of tissue paper on top of the other and start folding them approximately 2 cm upwards and under starting from the bottom part.
2.    When all folded and forms a long piece, fold in half
3.    Cut the edges shaping a petal
4.    Stapler the bottom part and open the fan. Stapler the outer petal edges together to shape a half of a circle.
5.    Repeat to shape another half circle and then stapler the outer petals t…


Do you know what I love most about the holiday? It's the sweet treats! And I'm not talking about candies, but these babies!

Bath&Body Works' scent is always one of a kind and the Vanilla Bean Noel series suits this season well! Now, they're also being sweet by giving away one of their mini pack to one lucky winner.

All you need to do is follow my instagram @_dreamesh and @bathandbodyworksindonesia and leave a comment on my instagram post stating your fave BBW scent. The winner will be picked randomly in one week's time, so good luck!

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