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FREE Workshop at RUMPI (Rumah Perempuan Indonesia).

hi, just so you know am having a free workshop tomorrow at Rumah Perempuan Indonesia located at Nenen Baby Shop building 1st floor Ruko Plaza 1 Pondok Indah U2 no 33 Jl. Taman Duta 1 (in front of Rumah Sakit Pondok Indah). we will be making no sew cinch sling bag for free!
it will start tomorrow at 10 am sharp! for more info please contact or click here.

sponsored video: Project Sunlight.

have you ever wondered what kind of future your children will live in? i still remember the doubts i have when i was carrying my babies in my belly, “do i really want to bring a child into this world?” a world with war, famine, and poverty? i remember thinking will there still be clean water for my son’s or daughter’s children? what if brighter future doesn’t exist? it is scary and the thought haunted me until today. so i was relieved when i know that i am not alone.
i’d like to see Project Sunlight as a wake up call for parents everywhere. the time is now to start to care: today is the universal Children’s Day and to mark the launch of this project, Unilever will make a donation to help 2 million children. we too can help, take these three simple actions: SEE a brighter future through this inspirational video, ACT by doing small things that contribute to a better environment and JOINProject Sunlightalong with other concerned parents in building the best future our great great great gr…