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when kutri turned one.

we had a parisian birthday party! uhm, will upload the rest of the pictures very soon.

happy birthday, daughter. we hope you'll have a great meaningful life, mamo papo love you deep!

reading time.

is always fun. that was why we made this 'tribute to books' workshop. we made:
- two ways notebooks by guest speaker tarlen handayani of vitarlenology.
- antique fabric bookmark.
- fun pop up card.
- clip on paper flower from book pages.

 vintage illustrations were drawn by babalisme, stories were told by riska of kidslovedisco, charms were provided by ashlee embellishments and blank cards by k.e.d. oh, check out our review on living loving!

sponsor post: babyganics (the giveaway).

my eldest likes to be involved in everything we do around the house, and the good thing with babyganics is they're kids friendly so this time, i trust him completely when he said he wanted to help (you moms must know how hard it is, right? haha). he even taught the baby how to wipe properly. it was the cutest thing!
cleaner upper toy&highchair aka the sprayer is easy to grasp and it has that safe lock system we mommies need to keep our kids from spraying their eyes (or others) . as for grime fighter wipes, i love how it can be used for every single thing around the house. don't you just love to have your home clean, green, and toxin free? if you do, please enter this giveaway now! you know the drill, leave a comment and become a follower so i can easily deliver the good news (if you already are, hugsss!). the winner will be randomly picked and announced in two weeks' time. as always, the giveaway is for indonesian residents only. oh by the way, if you choose not to par…

nom nom nom.

eventhough there was no munching involved on d day, workshop in a box #8 was still yummy! what we 'baked':
- apron
- cupcake bath bomb
- ice cream lollipop
- felt donuts

felt cupcakes were given freely from ideku handmade, illustrations were drawn by pink monkey party and printed by adorama, last but not least cupcake decorating corner for kids was provided by juliet kitchen by sari.

one stylish workshop.

that was exactly how workshop in a box #7 went. we made:
- magnetic table clock by guest speaker micmac.
- fabric printing with iron on technique for funky clutch with tassel, jeweled bib necklace, and laced hairpiece.

cupcakes were made by the famous minilovebites, canvas fabric was provided by kimomo, illustrations were drawn by cecillia hidayat, and in case you were wondering, the transfer paper used for fabric printing is available at quick print point.