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Thursday, March 28, 2013

sponsor post: babyganics (the giveaway).

my eldest likes to be involved in everything we do around the house, and the good thing with babyganics is they're kids friendly so this time, i trust him completely when he said he wanted to help (you moms must know how hard it is, right? haha). he even taught the baby how to wipe properly. it was the cutest thing!
cleaner upper toy&highchair aka the sprayer is easy to grasp and it has that safe lock system we mommies need to keep our kids from spraying their eyes (or others) . as for grime fighter wipes, i love how it can be used for every single thing around the house. don't you just love to have your home clean, green, and toxin free? if you do, please enter this giveaway now! you know the drill, leave a comment and become a follower so i can easily deliver the good news (if you already are, hugsss!). the winner will be randomly picked and announced in two weeks' time. as always, the giveaway is for indonesian residents only. oh by the way, if you choose not to participate and want to go get your own babyganics, they're available for IDR79,000-99,000 at mothercare.


  1. wah ikutan ya mba giveawaynya.... ^^
    mudah-mudaham kali ini dapat hadiah dari mba ^^
    ini email saya :

  2. ikutan ya mbak,...
    aku uda follow lama..hehehe

  3. ku follow yah.... ^.^. Semoga dapat.... ^.*V
    ini email saya...

  4. ikutan juga,
    udah follow dari tahun lalu

    Semoga beruntung

    email :

  5. done! and wish me luck ^_^

  6. Tararaaa :)
    house cleaning is fun. especially when with the children, teach them how to live clean ^^

    I joined :)

  7. Wooaaa :D
    Nice to know your giveaway,
    yeay! That's so nice when we can teach children how to cleaning house.

    Join ya!

  8. count me in!
    been ur follower since long time.. :D
    pernah menang jg giveaway nya mbak amesh, smoga kali ini menang lagi :D

  9. Ikooootaaaan!
    Mau banget kalo anakku bisa ikut bantu nge-lap2 meja kursi hihihi
    Semoga aku beruntung :)

  10. aaah udah telat blum yaaa. mau ikutt :)
    iya ni kalau punya anak kecil harus extra bersih2..pastinya wipes selalu ada di baby bag anakku.
    semoga menang giveaway inii, amin.



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