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WIC 2010.

just a couple days ago, nia of made in heaven asked me to join them at WIC 2010, JCC, on december 1st and 2nd. oh, please notice that i tell you this before the event actually occurs :D
i will be selling these. see, i may not be there all day long but i'll try my best (i'd like to shop too!). so, see you.

why is it already monday.

i always think weekends go by too fast. well at least, this time we enjoyed ours (not like last week when the three of us were sick and couldn't get out of bed).
we went to raska's get messy party thrown by the proud DIY mother tiessa audia. it was awesome! i especially love the goody bag: homemade playdough.
we read, i mean i did. my mom in law showered me with her book collection (oldies but goodies!). i bought a new one too, the all time favorite shopaholic series.
we ate orange & thyme roasted chicken. a recipe i invented on spot (mainly because the lack of ingredients in the fridge). but it turned out pretty goooooood :)
we also had a bit of bazaar going on at IMBEX 2010, JCC. we were available at kids republik's booth. again, sorry for the late info. my loyal computer had been reformatted at the time. so how was yours?

basic stuffed animal tutorial.

you amazing crafters might have already known this DIY steps by heart. but for those of you who are still clueless, don't fret! here's a simple thursday project for you :)
1. choose a pattern of your liking, mine is these animals from yuara's bed sheet. cut them up. 2. cut another leftover fabric for the back side of your stuffed animals.
3. pin the right sides facing in or the wrong sides facing out (oh, i do hope i make sense!).
4. use your sewing machine and sew them altogether, but don't forget to leave an opening. 5. fill with stuffing, then stitch them closed. remember my sailboat plushies? yep, i used the same tutorial as this one. happy crafting, everyone!

la fete.

or the party as the french say it. today am posting my work as party stylist back when i was still writing for CosmoGIRL!. i love this paris cafe themed party the most! now sit back, relax, and imagine yourself sipping a cup of hot coco by the busiest street in paris. oh la la...
[photographed by adi nugroho] i used mini eiffel keychains as napkin rings, rimmed the grape juice glasses with sugar, stole jamie oliver's recipe to make french toasts (they tasted yummy!), enlarged the vintage french postcard image on the photocopy machine and stuck them on corkboard - or simply laminated them - to use as coasters and place mats. chic, non?

o marimekko.

intan, a dear friend who lives in london surprised me with these cuties a while back. marimekko fabrics to add to my collection. thanks love, they will surely be treasured!

charity bazaar.

dreamesh living is available at cinta ibu untuk indonesia charity bazaar (roemah matraman) for this weekend.
sorry for the very late info. i got sick these last couple of days and passed it on to the little champ. sigh, how i hate fever and flu. hope your weekend is much better than mine :)

yuara's wishlist.

this is the list of things that yuara would wish for... if he simply could talk, that is. 1. kids aviator hood from wovenplay, found via design is mine.
2. sew-a-snake kit from banquet atelier & workshop, found via little. lovely.
3. mask and tail set from oeuf, found via bkids - he'd like thisset too!
4. my space structure from liya mairson, found via hello hanna.
5. where the wild things are globe from imaginenations, found via design*sponge.
6. mini knitted fox dolls from blabla, found via bleubird. or maybe, just maybe, these are all me? well you'll never know, at least not until he could speak and make up his mind.

DIY pretty bridal shower.

mira, one of my college besties is getting married. we used to have this tradition of throwing a sleepover bachelorette party for the bride-to-be, but as we grew, uhm, older we often found it hard to make the time (you know, with babies and all). so yesterday, we threw her a surprise bridal shower during lunch instead! at first, i wanted to make bridal shirt stencils from freezer paper but i ran out of time. so the peach fabric marker would have to do. i also made the lace clutch from scratch, using only some grey cotton fabric and leftover french lace lying around the house (yes, i don't throw away things) inspired by this. i promise to post the easy tutorial next time ;) anyway i was in charge of the goodies, so i tried out martha's wedding fan template i've been saving this whole time - download here. i brought along my rose paper napkins and made doily brooches out of laser-cut paper doilies bought from my scrapbook ideas. and this time, i actually took photos of the D…

big big grin.

have you read the november issue of martha stewart living indonesia? *cough cough* i translated three of their articles. now i know, you're thinking, 'so what? it's only just that.' but this sure has made me so very excited. i mean, MARTHA STEWART MAGAZINE! am such a fan :D on another matter, i also contributed for nova. i shared my batik frame tutorial this time. equally exciting! please go have a looksie.

what did you do last weekend.

i did nothing but fun stuff, like sticking our best fuji instax 200 polaroid photos on our entryway wall. now, who needs wallpaper? apparently not me :)


dreamesh living will be at ANZA bazaar in ritz carlton's ballroom, mega kuningan, from 9 am to 4 pm.
will bring lots of goodies and love. see you there :)

my weekend bags.

am a very happy girl. i ordered olifant clutch from cocomomo bags last week when they had a half price charity sale and the package came yesterday!
along with a surprise gift made by evi of berries. ah, you should see the smile spreading on my face (pretty wide, i must say!) for these last two days.

the birthday cake.

unlike last year's cake, this time i kept it simple but (super) yummy. thank goodnes my bestie alia agreed to make her famous chocolate cake. seriously. i don't think there's any other cake as chocolatey as hers. i don't want to be caught up with boring cake topper, so i made one - inspired by the cake bunting floating around the blogland. simply print a sentence (mine says 'yuara is 2'), cut by letters, and hang them on a thread. love how it turned out, sorry for the crappy photos though :P

pirate decor + tiny tutorial.

now i realize that it's impossible to be host and photographer at the very same time. luckily, i took some pics before the madness started, but please bear with me through the rests.
yep, i put mini treasure chest, gold coins, skull paper weight, and little maps in the giant vases used (again) for cakestands bottoms. i also stuck the A3 version of yuara's invitation by babalisme on our front door and used cupcake wraps and toppers by cottage industrialist.
to heal your sore eyes, i prepared one tiny tutorial for those Y initials you see popping out almost everywhere at the party. you will only need one styrofoam board and some lying around scraps. cut the styrofoam board in any form you like (mine is the letter Y), then do the same thing for the fabric with a slightly bigger pattern. double tape all the edges and start sticking. easy peasy.