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Monday, November 15, 2010

DIY pretty bridal shower.

mira, one of my college besties is getting married. we used to have this tradition of throwing a sleepover bachelorette party for the bride-to-be, but as we grew, uhm, older we often found it hard to make the time (you know, with babies and all). so yesterday, we threw her a surprise bridal shower during lunch instead!
at first, i wanted to make bridal shirt stencils from freezer paper but i ran out of time. so the peach fabric marker would have to do. i also made the lace clutch from scratch, using only some grey cotton fabric and leftover french lace lying around the house (yes, i don't throw away things) inspired by this. i promise to post the easy tutorial next time ;)
anyway i was in charge of the goodies, so i tried out martha's wedding fan template i've been saving this whole time - download here. i brought along my rose paper napkins and made doily brooches out of laser-cut paper doilies bought from my scrapbook ideas. and this time, i actually took photos of the DIY steps. i think the pictures quite explain themselves.
i just hope mira had a great girly girl time with us before tying the knot. such a huge fun step!


  1. mana nih tamu2nyaahh??
    *giling ngarep banget diupload yg ada guenyahhh :p

  2. baca komen di atas lgsg ketawa sambil geleng2 kepala :D



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